Wine Storage Made Simple

Wine storage is a relatively simple concept to follow so in this article, we will be setting out some simple steps to ensure you know the key factors to: Ageing wines and storing wines for service. 


Ageing and Serving Temperatures

For any wine that is ageing, the ideal temperature is between 10-14°C, but preferably at 12°C to encourage the ageing process and the release of flavours.

To keep this constant, you need a wine cooler which can run effortlessly for years to come, we recommend premium wine coolers that have been tested meticulously and are only built from the finest of components to protect from any unwanted break downs.

To bring a wine to serving temperature, this will require different temperatures for each type of wine for example:  Red wines 12-18°C, white wine 8-12°C, Champagne / Desert wine 5-7°C. With this in mind, it is a good idea to purchase a dual temperature zone wine cooler (2 temperature zones) to age wines in one compartment and bring white wines to serving temperature in the other, please ensure both compartments have charcoal filters for this.

Wine storage temperatures


Anti Vibration

Wine is sensitive to vibration; wine coolers are manufactured with lots of features to minimise any vibrations such as a vibration free compressor and fan.

If ageing wine, you should not turn the bottle as there are chemical reactions constantly occurring which does cause some sedimentation to occur. By turning the bottle, you simply mix the sediment back into the liquid.  Even the slightest movement can alter the wines taste, smell and overall quality.

In addition to vibration free compressors, there are lots of little touches like rubber damping on the shelving to stop any vibration in the shelves.

For serving, moving the bottles is not of a big concern as these bottles will of been filtered prior to distribution.


UV Rays

Wine requires perfect darkness for long term storage as the UV rays can damage or alter some of the chemicals present in the bottles. There are now ageing units which have solid doors to block any outside light out completely.

If you are also interested in the aesthetics of the wine cooler, then you must ensure that there is a UV protective film on the glass to stop any harmful UV rays from damaging the wines.  Premium wine coolers tend to have triple glazed doors as this is vital for long term storage, particularly with larger wine coolers.


Minimise Any Odours

Premium wine coolers will come equipped with activated charcoal filters in each compartment. These are 100% necessary if you are a wine connoisseur as any unpleasant, lingering odours that occur in for example a kitchen or cellar can pass through the cork and will be the primary cause for wines going bad.

An activated charcoal filter is used to remove any bad odours, as it is a purifying substance often used to purify water. Ageing units, should also be open to the atmosphere to allow fresh air to circulate through the unit, as with a wine cellar.

Activated charcoal filter should be changed regularly, ideally once a year especially when the wines you are storing are there for years and years.


The Final Point: Humidity

Humidity is absolutely crucial in a wine cellar, if the air is too dry corks will soon dry out and cause the bottles to leak. The same has to be said for a wine cooler, humidity is more prone to change within a house or garage because of the changing weather conditions.

Most wine coolers will now be equipped with humidifiers to ensure the humidity is regulated between 50-80%.  If the cork dries out, not only will there be leaking, but the remaining wine will be oxidised which causes the wine to sour and undrinkable. 

Our Climadiff wine coolers have many benefits, and humidity control is definitely up there being one of the best features of their designs. Reserve185, Reserve225, Reserve275 and Reserve300XL are some of their basic, yet favourite models within our Climadiff collection - all of these designs are made with key features that our customers can take advantage of. 

If you’re looking for a top-quality wine storage system that has an array of key features with humidity control being one of them, then look no further than our wide range of Climadiff products. Climadiff is well-respected inn the industry, making them one of the best brands on the market today.

These are some of the key points with wine storage, wine coolers are designed to cater for all of these. If you have any question regarding any of the points made or to do with any of the wine fridges we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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