Why Is My Vestfrost Wine Fridge Beeping?

If you are someone who enjoys collecting bottles of wine, there is a high chance you’ve decided to invest in a wine fridge as a way you can store your bottles at their ideal temperature.

A popular purchase amongst wine connoisseurs is a high-quality Vestfrost wine fridge - the sleek modern designs are the perfect way to store your red and white bottles of wine.

When your wine fridge is running, it will usually make a light noise which is quite similar to the sound your kitchen fridge will make when running. The only sound you are likely to hear from it is the sound of the compressor, but you will only hear this if you concentrate on hearing it.

It can be daunting when you hear a sudden loud beeping noise coming from your wine fridge, and it can leave you wondering whether your Vestfrost wine fridge is broken or if your precious wine collection is under threat of being damaged. After all, the last thing we want when we crack open that special bottle of wine is a spoiled taste, is it?!

Being in the wine industry for so long, there are many different reasons we’ve come across why your Vestfrost wine fridge may have begun to beep. Our expert in-house team have put together this article for you today to go through some common reasons why wine fridges start to beep and how you can quickly solve them.

If your Vestfrost wine fridge is still beeping after going through this guide then we recommend to save you time and hassle that you reach out to the supplier of your Vestfrost wine fridge who can assist you on the next best steps to get your wine fridge to stop beeping.


There Is A Processor Glitch

If you’ve come back to your home and noticed that your Vestfrost wine fridge has started to beep, it could potentially be a problem with your wine fridge circuitry.

The technology in wine fridges has evolved - however, like any form of technology, they can be prone to potentially glitching once and a while. Vestfrost wine fridges use computer components that allow you to control the temperature of the fridge for your wine collection and display it so you can see what temperature it’s currently at.

One of the first things that you should attempt to do, while it may sound simple, is turn your wine fridge off and on again, much like a computer system. Sometimes it may just need a quick reset for it to stop beeping.


Your Wine Fridge Is Overheated

Wine fridges will be designed with vents for them to cool at the correct temperature. The wine cooler vents should be clear from any obstructions to stop it from overheating, and for your wine fridge to dissipate heat correctly.

If you’ve installed your Vestfrost wine fridge too close to the wall or placed it near too many appliances, it will not be able to cool down correctly and it will begin to overheat causing the wine fridge to start beeping.

One of the main reasons why your wine fridge beeps is to let you know that it is currently overheating. If you want this to stop happening, you should place your wine fridge where it has enough space away from any appliances to ventilate correctly.

When you have successfully repositioned your wine fridge, the unit will start to cool down and the beeping should stop as it will stop overheating.


Your Wine Fridge Is Over Capacity

Wine fridges such as Vestfrost have a certain bottle capacity - they are designed to only hold a certain number of wine bottles. This will be explained to you in the product description and the manufacturer guidelines that were given to you when you purchased your Vestfrost wine fridge.

You should never attempt to put more bottles than listed as it can cause potential problems with your wine fridge - and your wine fridge will let off a beeping noise to inform you of this issue.

To stop this from happening, go to your wine fridge and take out any wine bottles that are stacked and place them in another place till you have the space to put them back in.

Too many wine fridges affect the temperature of your wine fridge - your cooler will have to work extra hard in order to cool your wine bottles.


Your Door Seals Could Be Damaged Or Need Cleaning

If your wine fridge isn’t overpacked, another problem could be down to your door seals - they may be damaged due to use over time or they need cleaning.

If the door seals are damaged, air will leak out causing your wine fridge to start working harder in order to get the right temperature for your wine bottles and they will need replacing.

If you’ve inspected the door seals and noticed that they are dirty, it is time to give them a good clean. Start cleaning the seals by grabbing a cloth combined with hot soapy water and wiping it clean.


Your Door Alarm Is Faulty

Another common reason that we see happening to wine fridges is that the door alarm has become faulty. Wine fridges will alert you if your door is left open so your wine isn’t potentially damaged. If you’ve closed your door and the alarm is still going off, it could be an issue with your door alarm.

This is an internal issue and you can check your manufacturer’s guidelines which can advise you on the next best steps on how to fix it. Alternatively, you can contact the supplier of your Vestfrost wine fridge who can give you more information on how to stop beeping.

Likewise, if your Vestfrost wine fridge has stopped cooling, contact us for support. 

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