Should You Store Your Wine In The Garage?

The decision of where to store your wine is an important one that requires a fair deal of planning.

Many people see a garage as an ideal place to store their wine since it is out of the way and seems like a convenient place.

But, should you store your wine in the garage? In this article, you can find out why a garage may not be the most ideal place to keep your wine.


Suitability Of Garages For Wine Storage

When it comes to long-term storage of a wine, a garage is usually not an ideal place. This is because a typical garage has temperature fluctuations, light exposure, and vibrations.

All of these can affect the quality of your wine. Unless you are using a dedicated fridge or cabinet, then long-term storage is not recommended, but a garage can be a consideration for storing your wines over a short period of time.

A garage can expect plenty of vibrations from the coming and going of vehicles and the opening and closing of doors.

This harms the wine since it speeds up certain chemical reactions. This can result in premature ageing. UV light has the same effect and this will be especially prominent if the garage has a windows or a door that is often opened.

Overall, due to these factors, a garage should certainly not be in your mind as a first choice for long-term storage.


Keeping A Wine Refrigerator In The Garage

Having a wine cooler can help to mitigate some of these factors. Some wine refrigerators can block out vibrations, but most do not have this feature.

Additionally, only some will provide protection from UV light. Most wine refrigerators do have temperature and humidity control which means that this aspect can be protected.

A wine refrigerator in a garage can be ideal for short to medium-term storage, but for the best protection, you should consider somewhere more optimal as a permanent home for your home.


Can You Keep Wine Cabinets In A Garage?

Wine cabinets are a much better option for wine storage in a garage. They tend to be fairly large which means you can store a large collection with ease.


You can usually fit at least a few dozen or even hundreds of bottles within a wine cabinet.

They tend to have more sophisticated temperature controls in comparison to a wine refrigerator which means they can cope better with fluctuations and ensure that your wine remains protected.

This is alongside humidity control and customisable racking options. All of these features mean that wine cabinets are an ideal solution for storing wine in a garage.

However, there are also some considerations to take into account. We mentioned that they were large and although this is a good thing for storing more wine, it does mean you will need to find space in your garage.

They can take up a fair amount which gives you less space for other things. Additionally, due to the added features, they tend to be a costlier investment in comparison to refrigerators.

Wine cabinets tend to be well designed and can fit in well with most interiors. This design could go to waste if no one gets to see them in the garage.

Also, wine cabinets and refrigerators both have specific limits for bottle storage which means that your collection is limited.


Top Tips For Storing Wine In A Garage

So it should be clear that storing in your garage isn’t really the best place for longer-term storage.

But, we understand that sometimes it may be the only space available for a wine collection.

When that is the case, you should follow these tips to ensure that your wine remains in the best possible condition.


Investing in a Wine Cooler With a Winter System

One of the missing elements to practical wine storage, when you choose to store your favourite wines in the garage, is having a wine cooler with a winter system.

One of the main reasons for this is because the ambient temperature of a garage will likely drop below 10°C - meaning that the wine in your cooler will drop in temperature too.

Why will this affect your wine? Well, for sparkling wines, this is fine. However, if you’re a lover of red wines, the aromas, taste and smell of the wine can become less optimal - even if it’s just a few degrees below its ideal temperature.

The internal heating element of your wine fridge and a thicker layer of insulation assures that your frigid garage temperature will be regulated. Even if it gets as low as 0°C, you will not have to worry about your red wines being tampered with, as it can add up to 2°C of heat with these high-tech features.

A winter system will ensure that your wine isn’t affected by these severe conditions in the garage and can guarantee that all wines stay at optimal temperatures for outstanding wine tasting.


Make Sure Your Garage Is Insulated

An insulated garage is far more preferable for wine storage than one without this added protection.

Maintaining a consistent temperature for your wines is a crucial part of ensuring they remain in the best quality.

This point is especially pertinent if you live in an area that is prone to extreme climates.


Consider Converting The Garage Into A Dedicated Wine Room

Another option to consider is creating a dedicated wine room in the garage. This is a good option for wine aficionados who have space and funds available.

You should enlist the help of a professional who can give you more information on cost and whether it would be viable.

The advantages of a dedicated wine room are that it eliminates the vibrations caused by vehicles, and it would protect the wine from light and temperature/humidity fluctuations.


Best Wines To Store In A Garage

The best wines to store in a garage are those which you intend to consume in the short-term.

As long as the temperature isn’t too extreme, most wines should be able to remain in a good condition.

Younger wines and those of a lesser quality are not designed for long term storage so can be kept in a garage. Keeping them in the garage for a few weeks or even a few months should not cause noticeable degradation in quality.

The garage can be a convenient place to put these wines so that they remain available to consume.


Alternative Storage

A garage shouldn’t be the first priority for storing wine. Basements can often be a far better choice because they provide natural protection from light and humidity.

However, garages are a better place than most kitchens and laundry rooms since these rooms are exposed to temperature fluctuations. You should also avoid any room that has a large amount of natural light.



Overall, you will have learned that wines should not be kept by themselves in a garage long-term. But, you can keep them there either with a wine refrigerator or a dedicated wine cabinet.

Both of these options are perfect for protecting your wine and ensuring that it remains in the optimal condition.

At Elite Wine Refrigeration, you can benefit from certain products that have a winter system that is designed to protect your wine from temperature fluctuations and extreme weather conditions.

Your wine is an investment and it should be treated as such. Any serious collector should see a garage as a temporary solution rather than a safe place to store wine for years.

Our wide range of Climadiff storage units come with reliable heating systems, making them ideal for those who want to store their wine storage unit in their garage.

Climadiff has become a fan favourite of wine connoisseurs, taking the lead in the wine cabinet industry. We understand many customers want to keep their wine in the garage, which is why Climadiff’s range is ideal. 

Since the 1990s, Climadiff has become the go-to brand for long-term storage. We couldn’t recommend Climadiff products to our customers more, which is exactly why we stock them across our site. Keeping your collections in the right storage is essential, so shop our Climadiff wine cabinets today.

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