The Different Types Of Wine Storage

As you may know, wine requires a great deal of care when you store it. This is to protect it from the elements and ensure that it retains its flavour.

A wonderful wine collection deserves the best storage to ensure that any damage is prevented and so that it can be preserved in optimal condition.

There are many fantastic ways to store your wine to suit all requirements and below we will go through the different types that you can choose from.


Wine Rack

For those that have smaller collections, a wine storage rack can be the perfect solution. This is a flexible way to store bottles and it is convenient if you are regularly switching bottles.

A wine rack typically has a simple design and you can place it on a tabletop or countertop. The numerous designs make it easy to find one that fits both horizontal and vertical storage.

The main benefits of storing your wine in a rack are that it is simple, convenient and relatively affordable.

Additionally, there are a range of design options to suit every home. A wood or metal wine rack can make for an excellent addition to any interior.

You can also move a rack around with ease, whether that’s for switching rooms or moving to another home.

However, there is a slight disadvantage in that racks without a cooling unit won’t be able to control the humidity or temperature of wins. This is a consideration to take into account for long-term storage.


Wine Cooler

If you’re looking to serve wine at an optimal temperature, then a cooler can be a smart choice.

A wine cooler is a relatively small storage device that keeps wines at specific a temperature between 10 to 14 degrees celsius.

One of the key benefits of a cooler is that it takes up little space and is fairly inexpensive.

However, it lacks humidity control settings and racking options have a limited capacity.

The 3 main types of wine coolers that you can get are; integrated, built in and freestanding.


Wine Cabinet

In terms of long-term wine storage, a cabinet or fridge tends to be the superior option. This sophisticated option provides full control of temperature and humidity which ensures that your wine remains protected at all times.

Wine cabinets and fridges are available in wood and metal, and can resemble stylish interior furniture.

They tend to have far more space than coolers and racks, with the largest being able to store over 200 bottles of wine.

The cooling unit can be replaced and upgraded every few years which makes this a good long-term option. It is also a larger option and the higher price point reflects the size and features.


Wine Cellar

For the most ardent wine enthusiasts, a dedicated wine room or custom wine cellar tends to be the goal.

If your collection goes beyond a few hundred, then it will be time to consider this storage option.

A wine cellar is essentially a small cool damp space that is usually in a basement or under a staircase. Bottles of wine are stored within organised shelving.

The conditions for a wine cellar can be replicated in most rooms or commercial spaces.

The total cost of a wine cellar or wine room will depend on the storage, design, cooling, materials, floors, and other factors.

It is a wise investment to make since a dedicated room ensures that your wine can be kept in the best condition.

However, this method of storage also takes up the largest amount of space and maintaining conditions such as temperature/humidity takes some know-how.


Off-Site Storage

Another option for maintaining a large collection is to utilise an off-site storage facility. These are spaces that are built to store a large number of wines.

If you’re looking for a solution that allows you to store your wine safely and in the best manner without investing time and effort into a home-built storage solution then off-site is definitely a feasible option to consider.

You pay a fixed fee to cover the utilities and maintenance, and you can have any bottle delivered to you whenever you like.


Tips for Storing Wine

Wherever you choose to store your wine, you should follow these tips to ensure that it remains in the best condition.


Maintain The Right Temperature & Humidity

Both temperature and humidity are crucial factors for effectively storing wine. The right temperature is around 13 degrees celsius.

This can differ for red wine and champagne. Regular fluctuations in temperature can ruin the wine.

Keeping a balanced humidity is also key, and you can achieve this by sprinkling water or using dehumidifiers depending on the levels.


Store Bottles Horizontally

Keeping your corked bottles in a horizontal position helps to keep them moist and prevents oxygen from getting in.

Additionally, horizontal holders tend to be significantly more space-efficient if you have a larger collection. Metal and plastic caps can be stored in whichever manner you choose.


Keep Away from Light

You must keep your wine protected from artificial and natural light. Low-intensity light that generates little amounts of heat such as LED lighting can be a good choice. For long-term storage, you will need to pick somewhere to stow them away from any strong light.


Prevent Vibration

Small movements and sounds can have an effect on the ageing process of wines. This is why you need to prevent vibrations from reaching your wine collection.

A cellar is ideal for this, but if you don’t have one then it can be wise to wrap your bottles in styrofoam or bubble wrap. You should also avoid moving your bottles around too much.


Are You Ready To Start Effectively Storing Wine?

Overall, there are a number of ways to effectively store your wine and the final choice will depend on your specific requirements.

You should conduct your own research into these various options, and consider your budget and goals.

Once a wine collection starts to expand, the storage should also reflect the size.

Swisscave products offer a combination of both long-term and short-term storage. Ideal for all wine collectors, Swisscave storage units allow your wine to sit at the right temperature for short and long periods of time.

Having the right storage unit for your wine collection is key - it’s important to make sure your wine is thriving in storage, ready for the day you decide to open your next bottle. 

Swisscave is one of the most well-established brands in the world, providing some of the best wine cooler designs. Made with some of the finest materials, it’s clear to see why our Swisscave collection is so popular.

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