Protecting Your Wine With A Wine Cooler

Wine is a very different drink to most other alcohol, and requires care and attention to be truly enjoyed. This might sound like a bit much, but it’s also very true.

In order to enjoy wine at it’s very finest, it needs to be protected. But what’s the best way of protecting your wine? Our suggestion - a wine cooler.

A wine cooler is not just a place to keep your bottles, but a unit that is dedicated to storing and preserving your wine collection in order to enjoy it at the wine's absolute peak.

Anyone who’s been enjoying wine for a while knows that it needs to be protected when stored, so we’ve decided to take a look at why investing in a wine cooler is the best solution to protecting your wine collection.

Stable Temperatures

One of the biggest benefits to using a wine cooler to store wine is the ability to keep a stable temperature running throughout the entire unit.

The majority of people reading this will know that wine needs to be kept at a certain temperature, and this temperature can differ depending on the type of wine. Fluctuation of temperature is never good for the quality of wine, and can often be caused by the opening and closing of a fridge door.

A consistent temperature will allow the wine to age properly and bring out it’s true flavours and odours, making it much more enjoyable overall.

Wine fridges are able to keep these consistent, stable temps thanks to the cooling fans inside and the airtight seams that surround the door. 

You’ll find now that both freestanding and built in wine coolers even have the technology to provide up to 3 different temperature zones within a single unit. Our wine coolers are available in single, dual and triple zones. This is perfect for anyone who likes to store multiple different wines in a single cooler.

Less Vibration

Another big concern facing any bottle of wine in storage is the amount of vibrations. Yes that’s right, vibrations.

Vibrations can disturb the ageing process of wine, causing the wine to separate into different layers. Older wines are especially fragile, as they have undergone the ageing process for a long time and are easiest to ruin. 

Storing wine in a regular fridge will leave it open to vibrations, and is never a good idea if you care about protecting your wine.

The benefits of using a wine cooler to protect the wine is that each model is fitted with a vibration-free compressor, allowing the wine to be kept without the fear of vibration. This means that your collection can sit nicely and age at the appropriate rate with little to no vibrations to potentially ruin it. 

No Exposure To Natural Light

Exposure to natural light is one of the biggest threats to a bottle of wine, and needs to avoided at all costs.

Natural light can break down and ruin the flavours of a wine overtime, and leave it tasting flat and lifeless.

Thicker bottles can offer some form of protection, but even the heaviest bottles aren’t completely safe from harmful rays. In order to achieve the maximum amount of protection from light, you’ll need a secure wine cooler.

Wine fridges are installed with UV filtered glass doors to reflect light away and keep it from entering and effecting the bottles inside. These doors come with double glazed glass to efficiently stop any harmful rays from effecting the contents, and are crucial for protecting your prized collection.

Disruption Free

Keeping your wine in the family fridge is not the optimal way of storing it. With the door constantly opening and people moving things out of the way to reach other items of food or drink, your wine doesn’t stand a chance. 

Wine needs to be kept as still as possible and away from any disruptions that could potentially ruin the bottle. It might sound extreme, but it’s a fact.

Having a dedicated home away from other food and drink allows it age in the right way and stops it from being moved around to get to a jar of mayonnaise or a carton of milk.

Being able to keep the wine disruption free, as well as keeping a stable temperature and light protection makes wine coolers absolutely perfect for storing any kind of wine.

No More Humidity

Humidity is another factor to consider when storing a wine collection, as it can lead to a lot of spoiled wine.

If the air is too dry, the cork with dry out and allow oxygen to be passed throughout the bottle, spoiling the wine in the process through oxidation. If the air is too wet, the cooler can become moist and production condensation, eventually leading to harmful mould. 

Luckily, wine coolers come with active humidifiers to avoid these issues, being able to maintain the internal humidity at an acceptable rate and notifying you if an issue were to arise. 

Dedicated Storage Space

Lastly, wine coolers are fantastic for protecting your wine because they are built to specification.

Being able to store bottles of wine on perfectly balanced wooden shelves in a unit that is designed for optimum storing and serving temperatures is going to be the best kind of protection that money can be, and your wine will benefit because of it.

These units have been designed with storage in mind, and can be adjusted to perfectly house any bottle, no matter size or shape.

Having a space dedicated to wine is always going to provide a much better form of protection that storing it in the cupboard or the fridge, and has the added benefit of looking fantastic in any kitchen space.

If you care about protecting and enjoying wine, you need to invest in a wine cooler today.

Here at Elite Wine Refrigeration, we offer a wide variety of wine fridges to suit any kind of wine collector. From under counter units to freestanding models to table top fridges, we’ve got something for everyone.

We offer solid-door storage cabinets which allow your collections to age in complete darkness. Lighting can be detrimental to your wine, tampering with the colour and affecting the overall taste - this is something you don’t want to happen whilst your collection is in a storage unit. 

We stock Climadiff storage cabinets across our site, ideal for collectors with a vast array of wine variants. Climadiff is reputable in the world of storage units, which is exactly why we stock them here at Elite Wine Refrigeration. To find out more about Climadiff and their products, contact us today.

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