La Sommeliere - 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge ECS30.2Z


SKU: ECS30.2Z La Sommeliere

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  • Energy Efficiency: 'G'
  • Rated capacity: 29 bottles, 15 in the top, 14 bottom (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation type: Freestanding only
  • Two Temperature settings: 5 - 20°C
  • Dimensions: H86cm x W48cm x D43cm
  • 2 Year Warranty

La Sommeliere - 29 Bottle Service Dual Zone Wine Fridge  ECS30.2Z

La Sommeliere are a mid to premium range wine cooler and wine cabinet manufacturer, focusing on service cabinets for both home and domestic use.  With over 20 years experience in the industry and distribution throughout 60 countries around the world, La Sommeliere are synonymous in the wine cooler industry.

Dual zone freestanding wine cooler

The ECS30.2Z is a dual temperature zone wine cooler designed for freestanding use, this unit will require 2-3 inches of ventilation space around the sides and rear to allow adequate ventilation for the compressor to cool effectively.  Both zones will be able to be programmed to between 5 and 20°C making it suitable for both red and white wines.

Bottle capacity and sliding shelves

The ECS30.2Z has a capacity of 29 Bordeaux bottles with 14 going in the lower section and 15 in the top section, the bottles are supported by beech semi-sliding shelves which can be slid in and out for easy access.  At the bottom of the wine cooler, there is space for 4 bottles which can be stacked on their sides.

Noise level and efficiency 

This model is a fan assisted wine cooler with a operating noise of 39dB, which is a quiet running unit and won't be too intrusive in any environment.  The ECS30.2Z is very energy efficient with an energy rating of G, using very little energy throughout the year to keep your wines cool.


The ECS30.2Z is a freestanding wine cooler, the method in which this unit cools means the cooling system is mounted in the side walls - this means it requires at least 2-3 inches of ventilation space around the sides and at least 10-12 inches above - this unit is not suitable for undercounter use.

La Sommeliere ECS30.2Z product features:

- Adjustable front feet for levelling

- 29 Bordeaux bottle capacity, 14 in the lower section, 15 in the upper section

- 5 semi-sliding shelves

- White interior LED lighting

- UV treated glass door, non reversible

- Lock

- Winter system: for cooler ambient temperatures

- Digital temperature display

- Dual temperature zone: 5-20°C

- Internal heating element for cooler rooms

- Audible and visual alarms for temperature variations

- Noise level: 39dB

- Climate class: SN-ST (10-38°C)

- Energy class G, 152kwh/annum



- Height: 860mm

- Width: 480mm

- Depth: 430mm


Weight: 29kg



**Product supplied with EU plug and adaptor