Freestanding wine coolers are designed as stand alone and not be built in to any cabinetry at all.

How much ventilation does a freestanding wine cooler need?

This type of unit requires a minimum of 3-5 inches around the sides, to the rear and above.  This is to allow cool air to circulate correctly but also to allow warm air that has been expelled from the system to escape above.

Can I build kitchen cabinets around it?

Freestanding units should never be built into cabinetry as they do not have the necessary parts to create the air flow needed to enable the cooling process.  If there is a lack of ventilation, the performance of the wine cooler will be hindered and may lead to the sealed system (compressor/condenser/evaporator) to overheat and burst or leak.

Please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully when installing a freestanding wine cabinet.  Freestanding units should never be installed under a counter top.

An example of how to install a freestanding unit can be seen below:

Freestanding wine cooler installation