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Cutting-edge technology
Offering very similar conditions to natural underground cellars, Climadiff wine coolers and cabinets bring together the latest technological innovations and well-established know-how. Exposure to light, stability and humidity... every aspect of their cabinets is designed and built to provide the perfect environment for your bottles to lie in peace.

Optimal storage for your wines
All their cabinets are designed to make the most of your storage space and the energy class. Whether you have little or a lot of room, Climadiff has a solution for your interior, one that will integrate cleverly into any area and hold a maximum number of bottles in any given space.



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Why Choose Climadiff?

When choosing a wine cabinet, keep in mind that this device will be trusted with
bottles that you may have patiently collected over  many years and represent a cherished possession  and financial investment. Their total value can largely surpass the cost of the appliance itself and their  value is likely to increase over time"
Resorting to cheaper products or nonspecialist  manufacturers whose appliances are simple  refrigeration units would be false economy and a  potentially expensive risk.
By contrast, choosing a Climadiff® wine cabinet  guarantees the safest ageing conditions for your bottles and the perfect tasting temperature for any occasion to share with your guests. 

Climadiff wine cabinet showroom

Quality control and standards
Climadiff is a producer that cares about quality:
- All their factories are certified,
- Their products are subjected to rigorous testing and checks meeting precise protocols:

  • Leakage checks
  • Electrical safety tests carried out on every single product
  • Operational testing carried out on every single product
  • Visual checks
  • Closure testing
  • Exposure to light
  • Hand-cleaned
  • Protective packaging

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