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IP Industrie factory - Parma, Italy

Who are IP Industrie

IP Industries is an Italian manufacturer of refrigerated units, specializing in wine coolers and cabinets but also supplies a range of humidors, cured meat and cheese fridges. Based in Parma, Italy, all of their wine cabinets are manufactured to order at their factory - as pictured above.

Their wine cabinets and humidors are some of the highest quality products available on the market, constructed from only the most reliable and efficient components available on the market.  With cabinets ranging from 28 Bordeaux bottles to over 300 bottles, there is a cabinet to meet most capacity requirements.

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What makes IP different

Apart from the fact their wine cabinets are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards, their cabinets do not just follow the norm.  There are four lines to pick from depending on the style, layout, capacity required.  With exception of the 'Easy' line of products, the IP wine cabinets are some of the only units on the market that have independent cooling cells.  Each compartment is completely individual to one another and not linked at all, they are regulated by individual compressors which means every compartment can be managed completely independently.

The IP cabinets are some of the most luxurious wine cabinets Elite Wine Refrigeration distributes and we are very proud to call ourselves a main dealer for IP.  Their offering is a cut above the rest and the wood line is like nothing else on the market.