Built in Wine Coolers - 300mm / 30cm

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Home Built in Wine Coolers - 300mm / 30cm
Home Built in Wine Coolers - 300mm / 30cm

Available as single and dual-zone wine coolers from Dunavox, our unique 30cm dual zone wine fridge is becoming very popular as it isn't manufactured by many companies. Available colours in black, stainless and white.

Learn more about 300mm wine coolers here.


Built in wine cooler installation tips

A 300mm wine cooler is one of the most popular units as it is designed to fit neatly into a relatively small cabinet space and holds a good amount of wine bottles.  This type of unit has an actual width of 295mm which will leave 0.25cm on either side to allow for the correct ventilation but also ensure the door opens correctly.

When installing a built in wine cooler, it is imperative that the vent is not blocked at the front of the unit.  If you plan to run a plinth in front of the wine cooler, please ensure there is a vent installed in it to allow enough cool air to be drawn in to cool the compressor. 


Slimline built in wine coolers

Built in wine coolers come in various sizes which include 150mm, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm. There are tall wine coolers available for built in purposes as well.

Our most popular wine cooler is the 300mm built in, this is a great size for budding wine enthusiasts as it holds up to 19 bottles. We also have both single and dual-zone models, meaning you will be one of the first to be able to store both red and whites in a 300mm wine cooler. Our luxury wine coolers will have a full tinted glass door or a seamless stainless-steel door frame which creates a real focal point in your kitchen.


Installing a 300mm wine cooler

When installing this size of wine cooler, it is designed to fit neatly in a 300mm kitchen cabinet space, the actual width of this type of product is 295mm which will leave a gap of 2.5mm on either side of the wine cooler.  This is primarily to ensure the door can open correctly, but it is also very important that the gap isn’t blocked as on smaller units like this, the gap is needed to help remove the warm air from the compressor and evaporator.

It is highly recommended to avoid covering the front of a built in wine cooler as there is only one fan on the underside to create the necessary airflow, so some of the warm air needs to expelled out of the sides.


Wooden shelves and interior lighting

Most 300mm wine coolers will feature wooden shelves, usually from beech wood as this is one of the hardest woods.  Some units will feature metal shelving but, in most cases, it is best to stay clear of this as these shelves rust after a couple of years.

Generally, the distance between shelves will be designed around a standard 750mL Bordeaux bottle, for this reason, the shelves will be easily removable for larger bottles such as champagne and burgundy bottles.

The bottles will be lit up by the interior light, which can be blue or some manufacturers use white lights now as they are also quite energy efficient.


Adjustable feet and reversible door

As built in wine cooler will generally have a height of 820mm which includes the hinge, the feet will be adjustable so that it can be raised up to create a more seamless look.

If incorporating as part of a kitchen design, we would suggest including a plinth to run in front of the wine cooler, but it is imperative that the plinth has a grille as the wine cooler needs to breathe!

By doing this the wine cooler can be raised right up to produce a flush fitting. 300mm built in wine coolers will generally have a reversible door, so it gives you the option of having the door swinging from the left or right as you may want to install the units side by side.