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Wine Storage: Odours

Posted by Callum Dooley on

Wines, much like food have the ability to absorb certain odours from an outside source.  Although the wine is largely protected by the glass bottle and cork there are situations were odours can contaminate the bottle of wine, causing it to go bad very quickly.

If for example, the cork is slightly dry then odours can seep into the bottle without the wine seeping out of the cork as the gas molecules are smaller than the liquid molecules. 

Wine should be ideally be stored away from a kitchen or window to prevent any unwanted odours entering the cabinet or even spores from fungi which could cause the wines taste to be affected.

Most wine coolers available will have a charcoal filter which will eliminate any odours inside the cabinet, the internal fan will circulate the air to ensure there are no spots inside the wine cabinet that haven’t been filtered.   It is advised that the charcoal filter is changed once every two years.

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