Why Is My Vestfrost Wine Fridge Leaking Water?

Vestfrost is one of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to wine cooling units, offering style and quality throughout all of the products that they create.

However, there is always a cause for concern when you find that your wine cooler is leaking water, but don’t worry! There are plenty of DIY solutions for you to try out before you contact the manufacturer or a mechanic to help you out.

In this blog post, we are going to be taking a look at some of the possible reasons why your fridge may be leaking water, and how you can fix the issue as well as prevent it in the future.


Find The Source Of The Leak

The first thing you should do before contacting anyone or trying to mend it yourself is to look around your wine fridge to find out where the leak is coming from.

This will allow you to make your decision much easier as you can weigh up whether our solutions are going to be helpful or not for your situation.

Doing so could also save you hundreds of pounds in mechanics fees moving forward because if you find that your leak is easily repairable by yourself, then you can move forward with mending your cooler without the need to wait or pay for someone else.


Cause 1: Condensation Build-Up

One of the most common reasons for leaks in a wine cooler is that there is a build-up of condensation from the inside of the wine fridge.

If the temperature inside the wine cabinet falls when the door is open too long, this can cause the warm air to condensate and become liquid which would then cause your leak.

To solve this problem, wipe away any water and keep the door closed for a few days before using it again to ensure the internal temperature is consistent.

If this does not stop your leaking problem, then freestanding wine cooler owners should check around the back of the unit to ensure there is proper airflow throughout, and built-in wine cooler owners just need to ensure the air vents are not blocked and are working properly.


Cause 2: Broken Door Seal

A rather easy-to-spot problem that people face is a broken or out-of-place door seal, especially when doing routine checks as we have suggested earlier in this blog post.

If you have come to find that there are small gaps or holes in your door seal, the solution is simply to contact the manufacturer to replace it which should hopefully solve your problem.

If you find that your door seal is out of place, you simply need to use a plastic or metal adhesive, depending on the material you’re working with, to stick the seal back into the right position.

You should also check your door seal for a build-up of dust or dirt around the edges, if so you can simply take a damp cloth and wipe around the edge which should prevent further damage and also give a new aesthetically pleasing element to your wine cooler.


Cause 3: Blocked Drain Pipe

Within your wine cooler, you may find that it has a small drain pipe that has been installed in order to cope with small amounts of condensation inside the cabin and not let it flood.

The main issue that these drain pipes will come across is small blockages however these should be relatively simple to clear out.

To clear any debris from inside the pipe, you will need to take a small cotton bud and remove everything that you can before reattaching it.

Next, you should take a cup of water and pour it through the pipe to make sure that there is no more debris preventing it from working properly.


Cause 4: Your Wine Cooler Has Not Settled

When buying a new wine cooler, it can be tempting to immediately switch all of your wines from their previous storage areas into your wine cooler however this is not to be advised.

If you do not give your wine cooler time to settle and place all of your wine bottles in your fridge before the inside of the cabinet has had time to cool, this could be the cause of your leak.

Before you place any bottles from your wine collection into your new wine fridge you should let it settle for at least 24-28 hours before using it at maximum capacity.


Cause 5: Overfilling

A fifth potential cause for your leaking wine refrigerator is that you may be overfilling it with too many bottles of wine at once.

If you still have the manufacturer’s instructions manual from when you purchased your wine cooler, it will state a maximum capacity which you should keep to or be at risk of your wine cooler leaking.

This is primarily because the cooling system may be having a difficult time maintaining a consistent temperature to cope with all of the bottles and is working too hard.

As a result of having too many bottles inside your wine cooler, it is possible that ice can form on the inside which eventually leads to water and leaks.



To conclude, there are plenty of different ways in which your Vestfrost wine fridge can falter and many of which will not require any professional guidance or assistance.

Vestfrost wine fridges are some of the highest quality coolers in the world, perfect for long-term storage of red and white wines.

These are definitely some great fridges for all types of wines and wine collectors should consider this brand as a serious option when it comes to storage.

We hope that this blog post has been able to provide you with a guide on what to do if your wine cooler is leaking and how you can potentially fix these issues yourself!

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