What to Look For in Built-in Kitchen Wine Fridges

If you are an avid wine drinker and lover and no longer have enough space in your kitchen fridge for your bottles of wine - or maybe you want to start taking your wine storage more seriously, then look no further as it might be time to invest in a wine refrigerator for your home.

Today we are going to be talking about the perfect built-in kitchen wine fridge for you and your kitchen space and the things to look out for when buying.

Functional yet stylish, wine coolers come in a range of different sizes to match the wine collection size you have and need or depending on the space available to you. A wine fridge has the ability to transform your kitchen, so read this guide for more.


Built-in Wine Fridges

Built-in wine fridges have serious design appeal to those that appreciate good kitchen design. A model wine cooler such as this can uplift a kitchen, whether you have a modern kitchen or a more traditional one, an integrated wine cooler system will help bring something extra to all homes.

A built-in cooler will fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets and is the perfect option or solution for those who are limited on floor space, or kitchen space. The convenience of this paired with capacity options to suit everyone, every home and every wine storage need.

Something that is essential to built-in wine coolers is that they must have the correct ventilation in order for them to work effectively. Although a lot of built-in systems cleverly have ventilation at the front of the unit meaning you will not have to worry about this as much. However, it is worth double-checking and bearing in mind when picking a built-in wine cooler for your kitchen unit space.


Freestanding Wine Fridges

Although this blog post is all about built-in units, it is worth mentioning freestanding wine coolers so you can weigh up your options and make the right decision for you.

Freestanding wine fridges do not have limitations on size so if you are in the market for storing a large number of wine bottles at once (we are talking over 40), then perhaps it is worthwhile looking into freestanding options.

The downside to a freestanding wine cooler model is that they tend to take up more room than integrated models - so make sure you have the required space in your home or kitchen. Freestanding units also need to be placed so they are not up against or under walls and units, or inside cabinets. To find out more where to place a wine cooler in your kitchen click here.


Things to Look For

If you have decided on a built-in wine cooler for your needs and kitchen, then read and take into consideration some of these things below.



You will want to think about the size of the cooler that you want, whether you want a dedicated wine fridge for only a few bottles or a big one for a big wine collection. The size of the cooler you go for might be impacted by the space available to you in your kitchen.

If you have limited space then fear not, you can still get some stunning slim designed wine coolers, coming in at 150mm wide, which might be the perfect fit for you and it won’t take up too much of your precious under counter space, whilst still housing around seven Bordeaux bottles.

If you want to house more than seven bottles of wine but still want a wine cooler that is relatively compact, then go for a built-in wine cooler roughly between 300-600mm wide. This will sit comfortably under cabinets for a seamless look and with a slightly larger size and therefore housing between 17-40 Bordeaux bottles. This size of wine cooler often gives you the option to have it as a dual-zone model, whereas smaller models will probably only give you single-zone options.

Dual-zone coolers are worth having and particularly useful if you want to store different types of wine at the same time.


Single or Dual-Zone

Another thing to consider is the type of wine you are going to be storing when it comes to choosing a wine cooler for your home. If you enjoy both red and white wines then it will be worthwhile opting for a dual-zone unit. This allows for the storing of different types of wine at their optimum storage and serving temperatures. As red and white wine have different temperatures at which they should be stored in order to be best enjoyed.

If you often drink and are a fan of only one kind of wine, going for a dual-zone wine cooler will not be your priority when deciding which model to go for.

A single zone wine cooler should suit you just fine if this is the case. Red wine can be stored at room temperature in the right setting, so if you don’t drink much red or would prefer to store it at room temperature, on a wine rack or in a wine cabinet, for example, then single-zone again, would suit you just fine.

Have a think about what type of wine you drink and intend on storing and have a look at the product description of each model when it comes to deciding which model to go for.



No matter how much wine you are storing or what type of wine, you will want your wine to be stored as safe as possible. This is why some functionalities of a wine cooler can really benefit your wine storage, for either short or long term storage of your wine.

A UV treated glass door can shield your wine from the sun and any light exposure. Some coolers are also fitted with anti-vibration technology, which is extremely useful as it prevents the sediment from being disturbed.

With these added protection features, your wine will be protected from possible disturbing factors in your kitchen and home.

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