The Rise Of Slim Freestanding Wine Coolers

A slimline wine coolers is one of the best types of wine cooler to have in your home. Offering many conveniences, slim freestanding wine coolers are easy to integrate into your space and don’t take up a huge amount of room compared to other regular cooler sizes that have a wide frame.

Having a wine cooler is just as important as having a regular fridge for your food when you have bottle collections to house. Because of their elegant, smart and stylish appearance, slim freestanding coolers can blend into an array of different interiors.

Whether you have a country-style kitchen or a retro interior flowing throughout your house, wine coolers go with all design choices. The beauty of freestanding wine coolers is how much free rein they offer you, allowing you to move them around freely to suit where you need them to go.

If you have a collection of wine bottles that need a designated cooler appliance to be stored in, continue reading our wine cooler buyers guide that’s been put together by the specialists at Elite Wine Refrigeration.


Are Wine Coolers Beneficial?

Wine coolers are great if you need to house a collection of wine bottles. It’s a written rule that wine shouldn’t be kept in a regular fridge due to the higher temperature that can alter the flavours and aromas within the bottle.

Regular refrigerators don’t take into consideration additional storage factors such as humidity, vibrations, and sunlight - which is why a wine fridge is always the best choice.

Having a consistent temperature within your fridge is crucial for the ageing process of wine. Household fridges struggle to keep a certain temperature because of how frequently they get opened.

The quality of your wine should stay the same during refrigeration, which is why using a regular fridge is detrimental.

Wine coolers can help lift delicate aromas that might not be able to be tasted if your wine is stored incorrectly.

Whether it’s white wine, rosé, Champagne or prosecco, wines that require refrigeration tastes better when their flavours are stored somewhere where they’re able to thrive, not be muted.

Unlike red wine, those in the white wine family along with rosé need to be served cold. If white wine is served warm, precious notes and acidic aromas could be diminished.

Being able to go to your slim freestanding wine cooler and grab a bottle of wine to pour for yourself will be much more enjoyable than grabbing a bottle from your normal food fridge.


Advantages of Owning a Slim Freestanding Wine Cooler

With slim freestanding wine coolers comes a variety of advantages and benefits. Regardless of whether you have a built-in, integrated or freestanding wine cooler, having somewhere to store your wine at the right temperature is crucial.

If it’s just a few glasses in the garden on a summer's day or sharing a couple of bottles with your family and friends, winding down with a bottle of your favourite wine is something we can all appreciate.

By owning a slim freestanding wine cooler, you’re able to serve your wine at the right temperature - something that makes each sip taste all that better.

Unlike other integrated kitchen accessories, freestanding wine coolers aren’t tied down to having to stay in one specific area of your home. The clue is in the name - freestanding means it doesn’t need to be fixed into a cabinet or empty wall space.

Having a cooler with a narrow frame doesn’t mean that you get less bottle capacity, our slim freestanding fridges can accommodate any size collection, big or small.

At Elite Wine Refrigeration, we understand that not everyone has a vast amount of space, which is exactly why we stock slim coolers.

Unlike integrated fridge freezers, wine coolers help refine the standard and importance of wine storage. Whether you choose to have a slim freestanding wine cooler in your kitchen, dining room or next to your bed, keeping your wine chilled at the right temperature is key.


The Pros of Freestanding Wine Coolers

The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to freestanding wine coolers. Freestanding designs allow you to have free rein when it comes to moving your wine cooler around your home or commercial space.

Although integrated and built-in wine coolers look great, it can be hard to come to the realisation that if you ever decide to move properties, your wine cooler won’t be able to come with you.

Freestanding models give you unlimited choices as to where you want it to be positioned.

Freestanding wine coolers are relatively easy to install and don’t require much help from a professional. With integrated wine cooler designs, you’d need to hire a professional electrician to install it for you.

Having easy access to a power source, water outlet and efficient ventilation, freestanding wine coolers are incredibly safe to have in your home.

Because of their low-maintenance and easy installation, freestanding models are considerably lower in price compared to other styles.


Wine Coolers at Elite Wine Refrigeration

At Elite Wine Refrigeration, we stock a variety of wine slim freestanding wine coolers from top-quality brands such as the Climadiff, Liebherr and Dunavox. With an increase in orders per month, we are expanding our products as the year goes on.

With the rise of slim freestanding coolers, we have a range of dual-temperature and single-zone models with various delivery options available.

If you’ve recently refurbished your home and want to add a modern appliance as an extension of your furniture, a wine cooler from Elite Wine Refrigeration is a great option.

As well as providing collections of wine coolers made at the highest standard, we also stock wine cabinets and wine walls.

We have a small range of cooler parts available to purchase on our site, so you won’t have to worry the next time your slim freestanding wine cooler needs a new filter attachment.

When we compare our products to other companies, there’s no doubt that the brands we work closely with create and manufacture the best wine coolers on the market - our five-star reviews solidify this. To view our products and select your dream slim freestanding wine cooler, visit our website today.

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