How To Fix My Swisscave Wine Cooler

Swisscave are experts at building some of the most luxurious wine cooling units in the world and have been supplying beautifully crafted wine storage facilities for wine connoisseurs across the globe.

Despite this, there is always the possibility that these machines can go wrong and perhaps break down - but don’t worry! There are plenty of fixes for you to try out before you need to call a mechanic or replace it.

Throughout this blog, we are going to be discussing some of the most common issues that Swisscave wine cooler owners tend to come across and what you can do to fix them.


Swisscave Wine Coolers

Swisscave provide all kinds of wine storage options from single-zone and dual-zone wine fridges to integrated and freestanding wine cabinets.

These are all built to the highest standards and very rarely experience any serious issues before the natural life cycle of the product ends.

They are perfect for delivering much cooler wine to your guests at dinner parties and will give you the appearance of high-brow and classy.

If you do find that you are experiencing any issues with your wine cooler, continue reading to find out more about the different types of issues you could be experiencing and what to do to solve them.


Is Your Swisscave Wine Fridge Leaking?

If you have come to find that your wine cooler is leaking water then there could be a great number of causes that you can read more about here.

However, if you are just looking for a quick fix, then there are a few things you can try to start out to stop this from happening in the future.

The majority of wine fridges will be leaking water due to an excessive amount of condensation building up on the inside of the cabin that the drainpipe is unable to deal with.

To solve this issue, simply wipe up all of the liquid that has leaked and check inside the cabin to make sure you can see where the leak is coming from, if there is nothing inside then you may need to have a mechanic look at the mechanism.

Leaking wine coolers can be due to anything from storing too much wine in your cooler that exceeds the recommended capacity in the guide from the manufacturer to a faulty component inside the mechanism.


Is Your Swisscave Wine Fridge Failing to Turn On?

If you have come to find that your Swisscave wine cooler is not turning on at all whether you have just bought it or have had it for a number of years, there are a number of simple solutions that you can try to try to fix this.

One of the first things that you should check before calling in the help of a professional is that the fridge is receiving an ample amount of power from the mains supply and is correctly plugged into the correct socket.

You should also check the wiring and make sure that none of the wires is frayed to ensure that the power is actually reaching your wine cooler singling this out as not one of the potential issues.

One of the more serious problems that you may encounter in this situation is that your thermostat may be defective, if this is the case then you may need to get this component replaced or even the entire wine cooler itself.

To check if you have a faulty thermostat, you can simply take a cup of water with a thermometer inside and place it on the shelves of the cooler. Leave this for a few hours and if the readings from your thermometer and thermostat are different, then this is the cause of your issues.


Is Your Swisscave Wine Fridge Not Cooling Properly?

In the event that your wine cooler is not cooling your wine collections properly then you need not panic, there are plenty of things for you to try in order to fix these issues.

The fixes that you can try tend to depend on the type of wine cooler that you have purchased as both thermoelectric and compressor coolers have slightly different components that make them function.

For example, in a thermoelectric cooler, you won’t need to worry about a fault in the compressor fan as they are not installed with these components.

One thing you should know about, however, is that you do need to pay attention to where you are placing a thermoelectric wine cooler as it is dependent upon having enough space behind the unit to prevent it from overheating.

You should also make sure that the room in which it has been placed is not too hot as this can cause the thermoelectric coolers to stop cooling your wine properly.

In compressor coolers, the main issue that you will come across when your wine cooler is not cooling properly is that the evaporator fan may be faulty.

If you are experiencing any issues with your evaporator fan, simply remove it and wipe gently with a soft cloth in order to remove any dust or debris - if this does not solve your issue then you may need to get this component replaced by a mechanic.



To conclude, there are plenty of things that could go wrong with your Swisscave wine fridge that lead to a great number of issues such as leaking and not cooling properly.

We have dedicated blog posts to each of these issues that provide more information on what you can do to fix them and what is best for your situation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our support team at 0333 577 6466 or email us at

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