How Are White Wine Bottles Different To Red Wine Bottles?

When it comes to enjoying a glass of wine, whether it's a crisp white or a bold red, the type of bottle used can make a difference beyond what meets the eye.

The wine bottle that holds the wine can make a huge difference on how it’s stored, enjoyed and aged.

If you’ve ever wondered why white wine bottles look different from red wine bottles, this blog is for you. Read on to learn more about the differences between red and white wine bottles, and why they matter.


Bottle Colour

One of the most noticeable differences between white and red wine bottles is the colour and shape. White wine bottles tend to be clearer and more transparent, allowing the wine's colour to shine through. This clarity helps showcase the wine's light and delicate hues.

On the other hand, red wine bottles often feature darker, opaque glass to protect the wine from the potentially damaging effects of light.


Bottle Shape

Red wine bottle shapes can differ from white wine bottle shapes. Typically, red wine bottles have a broader base and taller shoulders. White wine bottles, however, tend to have a more slender profile.

Wine bottle shapes vary and are often designed with specific wines in mind. Bordeaux bottles have straight sides and high shoulders, ideal for structured reds.

Burgundy bottles feature wider bodies and sloping shoulders, suited for complex Pinot Noir. Champagne bottles are stout with deep punts to withstand pressure. Rhône bottles have sloping shoulders, fitting bold reds. Alsace bottles are slender, suiting aromatic whites.

Sparkling wine often comes in flute-shaped bottles, preserving effervescence. Unique bottle shapes enhance presentation and function, affecting wine maturation and pouring. The bottle shape can ultimately determine the wine's style, history, and the experience it promises.


Cork vs. Screw Cap

Traditionally, wine bottles are sealed with either a cork or a screw cap. While both options are used for both white and red wines, there can be variations based on the intended aging potential of the wine.

Cork closures are often associated with red wines that may benefit from further aging in the bottle. The interaction between the cork and the wine allows for slow oxygen exchange, ultimately contributing to the wine's development over time.

On the other hand, screw caps are commonly used for white wines such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, and some lighter reds. Screw caps provide an airtight seal, preserving the wine's freshness and flavour. This makes them a popular and convenient choice for wines that are meant to be consumed within a shorter time frame.


Acidity and Temperature

White wines tend to be higher in acidity compared to red wines. This acidity gives white wines their refreshing and crisp qualities. Consequently, serving white wines at slightly cooler temperatures helps accentuate their acidity and highlights their vibrant flavours.

Investing in a reliable wine cooler can ensure that your white wines are served at the ideal temperature, enhancing your overall wine experience.


Tannins and Aeration

Tannins, found in red wines, impart structure and bitterness. The contact between the wine and the tannins is crucial for the wine's development, which is why red wines often benefit from decanting or aeration before serving.

A wine cooler or a wine cabinet designed for long-term wine storage can provide the ideal conditions for aging red wines, allowing them to evolve gracefully over time.


Aging Potential

Red wines typically have a longer aging potential compared to white wines. The tannins and other compounds in red wines interact with oxygen over time, leading to changes in flavour, aroma, and texture.

Efficient wine storage is essential to ensure that the aging process occurs correctly. Investing in a wine cooler that offers both temperature and humidity control can help you create an optimal environment for aging your red wines.


How Should I Store Red and White Wine?

Understanding the distinctions between white wine bottles and red wine bottles goes beyond aesthetics. It encompasses aspects of aging potential, serving temperature, and even the type of closure used.

The way you should store your wine depends on several factors - one of the most prominent factors being when you plan on consuming the wine. If you plan on storing your wine for a long period of time or ageing your red wine bottles, we recommend that you store your collection in a wine cabinet.

If you invest in a dual-temperature wine cooler, you can store your red and white wine bottles together in the same unit. Dual-zone wine fridges allow you to store different types of wine at different temperatures. They also enable you to store some bottles for serving, and others for long-term ageing, without interruption.

Other storage factors to consider include the ideal storage temperature and humidity levels. Red wines benefit from consistent temperatures, ideally around 12-16°C, to aid ageing. White wines, with their lighter nature, thrive at cooler temperatures of around 7-10°C. This is to retain freshness.

For both red and white wine, humidity levels of 70-80% are ideal to prevent corks from drying. Additionally, bottles of red wine should lie horizontally to keep the cork moist and prevent air ingress.

Humidity control remains crucial to prevent label damage. White wine bottles can be stored upright as their corks don't dry as quickly. Both require protection from light and vibration. Precise storage ensures that the unique qualities of each wine are preserved until it's time to uncork and enjoy.

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