Quadro Vino - Wine Wall QV52 - 5 Bottle Display Unit

EXPOModel: QV52B

Structure: White
Frame colour: Laminate: Matte white L10 • Matte black L11 • Dove concrete L40 • Brushed steel L50
Panel: Matte white L10 • Matte black L11 • Dove concrete L40 • Brushed steel L50
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Quadro Vino - Wine Wall QV52 - 5 Bottle frame

The Quadro Vino is a new and exciting product to Elite Wine Refrigeration and one we are proud to add to our collection of wine storage units.  The Quadro Vino is in essence a refrigerated picture frame which is designed to hang on a flat wall.  With its appealing aesthetics and wow factor, the Quadra Vino is a great addition to any restaurant, hotel or even as a gift for a family member - the Quadro Vino is not limited to commercial settings.

The QV52 has space for five bottles of wine which are displayed horizontally on aluminium arms which support the bottles from the underside, there is also a smaller section for two wine glasses.  The interior is lit by white LED lighting which can be turned on or off depending on the setting.

Quadra vino


1. Structure: White (B) or Black (N)

2. Frame

3. Panel

Use the configurator to design your very own wine wall.

The colour codes shown above or from page. 25 onwards in the catalogue refer to the drop down options.


The door is a double glazed left hinged door that swings open to allow full access to your bottles of wine. 
You can choose from either blue or white LED lighting, as standard we offer white lighting with all orders so if you would like to change this to blue - please contact us before ordering.

The Quadro Vino 52 cools via a thermoelectric cell which has an operating temperature of 12 to 20°C , depending on the ambient temperature.  The recommended ambient temperature is 25°C for this model.  From the diagram below you can see how the ambient temperature affects the QV52's internal temperature.

Quadra Vino QV52 diagram
1) Thermal Power System
2) Sheet metal body
3) MDF wooden frame
4) 20mm double glazing
5) Magnetic door seal
6) Laminated panel
7) LED lighting system
8) Uncooled compartment
9) Aluminium rods
10) Automatic defrosting
11) Digital Thermo-regulator



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