Collector 1/70 Shelf - Climadiff/Avintage


SKU: COLLECTOR 1/70 Elite Wine Refrigeration

  • Maximum load 60kg, space for 14 Bordeaux bottles and 13 Burgundy bottles
  • Includes four supports for attaching to side walls
  • Can be combined with RAILV3 for sliding shelves
  • 🚛 Lead Time for UK mainland orders only: Typically 10-14 working days

Climadiff/Avintage COLLECTOR 1/70 shelf with maximum load of 60kg with space for 14 Bordeaux and 13 Burgundy bottles


Suitable for the following units:

Climadiff CLA210A+

Climadiff CLA310A+

Climadiff CV295

Avintage AV306A+

Avintage DVA305G

Avintage DVA305PA+

Avintage DVP305G

Price shown includes the 4 supports needed to attach to the side walls of the wine cabinet


The shelf can be combined with RAILV3 sliding rails to produce sliding shelves 


Note, the shelves will be delivered via the normal postal network, unassembled direct from manufacturers warehouse.


Shelves can be out of stock as manufacturers hold less stock of these and they are a non stock item for EWR - We advise contacting us before ordering to check stock levels.