Troubleshooting Your Wine Cooler

Cherry Yung3/31/181 comment

Temperature problems Check the unit is receiving enough ventilation: Freestanding units should have 2-3 inches around the sides and rear and should not be enclosed from above, failing to allow for adequate air circulation will lead to leaking of the sealed system. Built in units, depending on the size of...

Wine Storage Made Simple

Cherry Yung3/20/18

Wine storage is a relatively simple concept to follow so in this article, we will be setting out some simple steps to ensure you know the key factors to: Aging wines and storing wines for service. 

| What to consider before purchasing a wine cooler |

Cherry Yung3/16/18

When purchasing a wine cooler, there is a lot to consider when shopping for the wine cooler that meets your requirements.  We have put together a few important bits which should be thought about before purchasing a wine fridge.

Can I really have my white wines too cold, and my red wines too warm?

Cherry Yung3/12/18

Believe it or not, one of the most influential factors in your experience of enjoying a wine or not, is what temperature it is served at. Our sense of smell operates by detecting aromatic vapours (known as 'volatiles'), that evaporate from our food and drink and stimulate the receptors in our nose. Some evaporate more readily than others.