Stone Wine Racks - An Alternative Way To Store Wine?

As all wine connoisseurs know, storing your wine is something that requires a fair deal of thought.

These days there are many fantastic materials and designs to choose from that suit all collection sizes.

There are a variety of materials to choose from for your wine rack, and stone/clay are both materials that have been increasing in popularity.

They tend to be stable, and they provide an aesthetic natural look which means your wine bottles will look great stacked on them.

They are well adept at being kept in different humidity and temperature conditions.

Let’s take a look at all the details you need to know about stone and clay wine racks.


Natural Stone Wine Racks

Those looking for a natural and unique look for a wine rack tend to opt for a stone material.

There is nothing quite like natural stone, and it can be a great option for both traditional and modern interiors.

There are numerous natural stone surfaces to choose from for a wine rack.


Welsh Slate Wine Racks

This stone is sourced and crafted directly from Wales, and it has become a staple in many UK households and even across the world.

The lush blue-grey tones are incredibly eye-catching, and they make this a material that can be a good fit for many households.

This fine natural stone is always a top option to consider for any wine cellar or wine rack.


Portland Stone Wine Racks

Another top variety is Portland Stone which offers a differing tone.

With this material, you can gaze at creamy Cotswold tones, and it has a more subtle texture which means it fits in easily with modern interiors and gardens.


Italian Marble Wine Racks

Those looking for a luxurious premium feel should consider Italian marble. This natural stone instantly enhances an interior.

Fine crafted Italian marble is always the first choice in terms of a top-quality design.


Clay Wine Racks Overview

Terracotta is fired clay, and it makes for a fantastic material for wine racks. They provide flexibility in design and have a wonderfully natural look.

Clay has a wonderful rustic charm that is difficult to create with other materials.

It is a material that gives you extra choices with a design which means you can shape it to your requirements.

Bespoke clay wine racks can be crafted with interlocking individual sections.

Terracotta is fired clay, and the material is able to maintain an even storage temperature and humidity which keeps it protected from temperature fluctuations.

The stable design is suitable for a kitchen, as a freestanding display and as a cellar.


Benefits of Natural Stone Wine Racks

You can attain many specific benefits by picking a natural stone surface for your wine rack.

They are specifically crafted to be resistant to temperature and humidity changes which means you can be more flexible with placement.

Stone wine racks are usually modular and expandable, which means you can increase your wine collection with ease.

You can place them in a cellar all-year-round or even in a living room.

Their eye-catching looks and practical functionality strike the perfect balance. Natural stone provides a clean and modern look to all interiors.


Benefits of Clay Wine Racks

There are many reasons why clay is a fantastic choice of material for any wine rack.

Whether you need a few modules or entire walls of a wine cellar, clay is an ideal and flexible material.

Wine rack stones that are made of clay are incredibly versatile and stackable, making them a great wine storage option. 

This gives you the freedom to choose from designs that can vary all the way, from simple free standing wine racks to a complete clay wine cellar.

All shapes and spaces can be accommodated due to the honeycomb design.

This means that wine racks can even be placed under staircases and unused cupboards to make use of extra space. There is also the option to add decorative glazed ends.

The hexagonal design of terracotta wine racks supports dry stacking, which means wine racks can easily be relocated.


Clay & Stone Wine Racks vs Wood & Metal Wine Racks

It can be hard to decide between a clay/stone wine rack in comparison to a wood or metal wine rack. Here are the key differences that you should consider.

Firstly, you should note that both clay and stone wine racks are easy to handle and easy to adapt.

Their unique material structure gives them an edge over other options, and they have an ideal combination of form and function.

They can easily adapt to most floor plans and height.

In comparison, wood wine racks are less flexible and more suited to those with larger collections. Metal tends to be less durable than stone and clay options.

In many ways, stone and clay are an in-between option. They give you durability and a wonderful natural aesthetic whilst also maintaining excellent flexibility.

So if you're looking for the best of both worlds, then going with a natural material that provides optimum flexibility, as well as durability, can be a good choice.


Choosing A Stone Wine Rack

Overall, stone and clay wine racks offer numerous benefits. They are a great choice of material for wine racks of all sizes.

Additionally, stone and clay designs can be perfectly adapted for your needs which makes them the ideal choice for maximum flexibility.

You should take your space into account and also look at your long-term requirements and how much you expect your wine collection to grow.

Whether you're storing wine for serving or storing wine for ageing, a wine rack is a great choice. 

This can help you make the right decision on the material and type of design.

Using a wine rack is just one of many ways that you can store your wine. If you feel as a wine rack isn't for you, look at a wine walls!

As well as providing customers with an array of wine walls, we also stock wine cabinets for outbuilding and garage use. Our PCLP251 and PCLP205 Climadiff models are ideal storage units, proving to be incredibly popular with our customers.

Climadiff has become a fan favourite of wine connoisseurs, thanks to its combination of expertise and use of electrical appliances. We work with Climadiff, stocking a variety of their top-quality designs across our site. 

Each individual design comes with an array of key features, allowing our customers to store their wine collections both safely and securely at the right temperature and humidity.

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