Fondis - Wine Master C25 Conditioning Unit


SKU: C25 Fondis

  • Suitable for rooms up to 25m3
  • Grey/Silver design with LCD display
  • Provides cooling to room
  • 2 year warranty
  • Dimensions: Height: 37.4cm, Width: 51.5cm, Depth: 15cm

Fondis - Wine Master C25 Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit

Fondis are a major player in wine cellar conditioning and are by far one of the most recognised manufacturers here in the UK.  Their products are distributed throughout Europe and as far as America.  With an extensive range of cellar conditioning units, there will be an option available to ensure the space you have is managed correctly to ensure your wines are stored in the correct conditions.

The C25 is the smallest unit available by Fondis and is designed for well insulated rooms for upto 25m3 in size.   The C25 only provides cooling to the room which means it needs to be located in a part of the house where the ambient temperature does not drop below 12°C, a well insulated room is ideal as this will prevent excessive changes in ambient temperatures.

The C25 is a through the wall installation type which means the unit should be installed onto an inside wall (not exterior), the extracted air that is removed from the conditioned room will be non toxic and slightly warmer than the ambient temperature.

There is a condensate tube that is located at the bottom right hand side of the conditioning unit which will be inside the cellar, this should lead to a container or natural drain to ensure the excess water vapour does not leak onto the floor.

Product features:

- Installation type: Through the wall - window type

- Cellar sizes upto 25m3

- Eco friendly with no CFC's

- Electronic thermostat with easy to read display

- Rubber shock absorbers for low noise operation 40 - 45dB at 1m away

- Wooden frame supplied for easy installation

- Power: 550W

- 2 adjustable speeds controlled by thermostat

- 2 Years parts and labour warranty for UK mainland

- 2 years parts warranty for NI and ROI


Dimensions of external frame:

- Height: 374mm

- Width: 514mm

- Depth: 150mm

Weight: 31kg


User Manual and instruction Guide.


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