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Liebherr Kitchen Wine Cabinets

Liebherr is at the front of development in a lot of industries, this is also the case for the kitchen market.  With the recent release of their handle-less wine coolers utilising push to open technology, they are renowned throughout the world for the quality of their products.

Featuring a great collection of integrated wine coolers which fit seamlessly into available kitchen space, Liebherr have developed a market leading range of wine coolers which sets the standard for other manufacturers to work to.

Their undercounter wine coolers also have an industrial feel and look great when installed. Featuring fully extendable shelving on telescopic rails, charcoal filters and LED lighting, these wine coolers are designed to set your wines off whilst providing the optimum storage conditions.

If you have any questions regarding Liebherr's extensive range of integrated and undercounter wine coolers, contact us.