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Freestanding wine coolers are ideal for kitchens with no cupboard space and the sleek design means they will not look out of place on a tabletop, work surface or next to existing kitchen units. We have a great selection of stand-alone wine coolers which are available as single zone or dual temperature zone fridges.  Elite Wine Refrigeration has the largest collection of wine refrigeration units on the market today, with units that are perfect for serving and long term ageing/preservation of wines. 

Freestanding wine coolers are designed to be freestanding only and should not be used as a built in model.  The compressor systems are located in the side of the wine cooler, which is why we suggest at least 3-5 inches around each side of the wine fridge to allow for adequate air circulation and they should never be enclosed from above, for example installed under a counter top.  For this you will need a built in wine cooler. Our freestanding wine cooler specialists are: Dunavox, Climadiff and La Sommeliere.  

We also have thermoelectric models for freestanding fridges, which uses a technology that eliminates noise and less energy. These are ideal for storing red wines but should only ever be used as a freestanding unit since they cool via electricity and rely on ambient air temperature.

These type of wine coolers tend to be shallower than built-in wine coolers as they do not have as many parts to the rear of the unit, which makes these units ideal to fit into smaller spaces. 


Please also bare in mind that Kitchen / Built-in wine coolers can be used as freestanding units, the only difference being the location of the fan and compressor system.  More information on built in wine fridges



Freestanding wine coolers are ideal for you if you have no more space in the kitchen and you are looking for a quick and easy solution to store your favourite wine. This is because they are designed for standalone installation (not suitable for built in installation) so you can put a freestanding wine cooler anywhere convenient providing the ventilation requirements are met.

We have a great selection of standalone wine coolers which vary in size, colour, design and storage capacities – we are sure that you can find the right model for you.


What is the difference between freestanding and built in?

Freestanding wine coolers are designed to be placed virtually anywhere as long as there is enough ventilation and a plug outlet. They are so much more flexible and versatile than built in wine coolers, as they are designed to be installed undercounter or built into tall cupboards, often in a kitchen. They have an extra element that the freestanding units do not have, that is a powerful fan that allows air to ventilate to prevent overheating. So, it is very important to ensure proper ventilation for freestanding wine coolers.

Features to consider

Compressor or thermoelectric?

Freestanding wine fridges feature two different types of cooling models: compressor and thermoelectric. To decide on which model, you need to think about what is beneficial to you.

If you are looking for a larger unit, and something that will maintain stable temperatures then a compressor model is more suited for you. Compressor-based cooling is more powerful and can resist changes to ambient temperatures, which means it stores your bottles more effectively all year round whilst having a much wider operating temperature.

If you are looking for a smaller, energy efficient model with low noise level, then a thermoelectric unit may be perfect for you. The technology used in these models requires less energy to cool and reduces the amount of vibration. However, the ambient temperature of your home must stay relatively constant as this affects the cooling ability of the wine cooler. These are also more ideal for storing red wines as the lowest operating temperature is usually 12°C and a maximum of 18°C.

Polyvalent technology

Some wine cabinets use polyvalent technology within the unit, this is where the internal fans are turned off and the temperature is higher at the top and cooler towards the bottom of the unit – By introducing cool air at the bottom of the wine cabinet you can create a multi temperature zone wine cabinet. For example, 17°C is set at the top, then the middle and bottom will become 13°C and 7°C respectively. Some cabinets also have the option to use as a single zone wine cabinet. This feature often appears in larger models and multi-purpose wine cabinets for both ageing/preservation and service, so this is ideal for red wine collectors.

Storing multiple types of wine?

This can be easily achieved by choosing a multi-zone wine cooler where you can set temperatures of seperate sections independently, or side-by-side to keep your reds and whites in seperate wine cooler.

Choose the right style for your home

We offer a range of door styles including tempered-glass, handle-less, solid and some wine coolers feature a reversible door, all prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the quality and altering the taste of your wine. You can choose a black glass finish to complement the modern and minimalistic look in your home, or stainless steel-finished wine cooler to match the appliances in the kitchen, the choice is yours.

At Elite Wine Refrigeration, we are focused on offering high quality wine coolers that will last for many years to come and at competitive prices.  Our collection of freestanding wine coolers includes wine coolers from: Dunavox, Avintage, Vestfrost and Climadiff the wine ageing cabinet specialist, we offer the most diverse brands here and are confident you can find what you are looking for.