Using a Wine Cooler to Store White Wine

Most wine lovers hold great pleasure in learning about and collecting wine for their personal wine collection. Although the collecting part is only a fraction of the process. A collection of wines of course has to be stored correctly in order to keep the wines at their best.

If you are a wine enthusiast then you will know the importance of optimum wine storage including temperature and humidity. When wine storage is nailed correctly then quality and well-kept bottles of wine can last for decades to come - growing in their value and their quality.

So read on if you are a lover of white wine in particular and would like to know more on how to store it correctly including when storing white in a wine cooler.


How to Store Wine Properly

Achieving that optimum wine storage can be difficult so understanding how wine should be stored in the first place is a good first step and it helps greatly to know what environments are best for different types of wine, red and white being the main ones.

Most of us do not own a wine cellar or have a cellar attached to our home in order to convert to a specialised wine cellar, which can be a costly process anyway. This is when a wine cooler is a perfect and best solution to your wine storage needs.

A wine cooler can mimic the perfect environment of a wine cellar, you can alter the temperature and humidity levels to whatever you need them to be. Making the perfect environment for long term storage, to best preserve your wine or also for short term storage usage too.


Can I Store White Wine in My Cooler?

Yes, you can store your white wine in a wine cooler. In fact, it is more important and essential to get the storage correct with whites as it needs to be kept fairly chilled. Certainly at a lower temperature than red wine. For reds, a wine rack or cupboard could suffice, if they are kept away from harsh light and away from moving appliances of course. 


Wine coolers are worth it just for the storing of white wines alone - so if you haven’t got one already and you are an avid white wine lover and drinker in particular, then it could be the answer for you.

With crucial temperature control, UV tinted glass windows protect against UV light exposure and protection against other potentially damaging environmental factors, they really are worth the investment for both long and short term storage.

White wine does not have the tannins to protect the wine from oxygen, this is why it is important to get the storage environment correct for white wine.

Be sure to store your unopened white wine bottles horizontally in a wine cooler, so the cork can benefit and can stay moist to prevent it from drying out, prevent it from letting oxygen in and becoming brittle and therefore potentially breaking off into the bottle too.



Types of Wine Coolers

A variety of coolers are available for every wine collector's needs. Model types are available as freestanding and built-in units for whichever you prefer. They also come in a wide variety of sizes too, with some being able to house hundreds of bottles of wine at a time.

Most wine coolers have tinted LED lighting to replicate the dark environment of a cellar and most will store wine bottles horizontally or upside down to keep the cork intact at all times.



The Correct Temperature for White Wine

Temperature is key, especially when it comes to the storing of white wines in particular. Varied temperatures may affect the cork and the pressure it undergoes. A cork exposed to heat may over time create small gaps where oxygen can pass through and affect the wine's longevity and could possibly spoil the whole bottle.

The optimum storage temperature for white wine is between 8˚C to 12˚C and consistency is key. Red wines on the other hand are best kept at temperatures between 2˚C and 19˚C, which can often be found in a cool cupboard or garage. So if you are a lover of white wines they are higher maintenance to keep and the storage requirements must be carefully considered, more so than red wine.

Temperature is much easier to control and monitor if you have a wine cooler, but still make sure you are monitoring your cooler and the surrounding areas regularly. Correct ventilation should surround your cooler so that it can continue to function properly and operate correctly.



How to Store Wine After Opening

Sometimes when you cannot quite finish a bottle of wine it is worth learning the best way to store an opened bottle to best preserve it for as long as you can once it has been exposed to oxygen. So you do not waste it and have to throw it away.



How Long Does White Wine Last in The Fridge

If you are wanting to know the answer to the question of how long does white wine last in the fridge once opened, then whilst it is impossible to give an exact expiry date for each bottle, it has been opened as it varies largely depending on the year, variety and quality of the wine you are storing.

The secret to keeping wine a bit fresher for that little bit longer once opened is easy. White wine will oxidise faster than red and because of the lack of high tannins like red to help protect the liquid from oxidation, it is important that you cork your white wine as quickly as possible, then place it in the refrigerator immediately.

White wine will then stay good for 3-5 days if corked. Store your opened white wine in an upright position and make sure it’s stored at its correct temperature too, to give it the best chance of a prolonged life once opened.

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