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The Dunavox DX-194.490 and DX-181.490 dual zone model have been very trusty cabinets for EWR and have seen a couple of updates recently to bring the energy consumption down in order to meet the new energy labels imposed in April 2021.

From our experience the single and dual zone Dunavox units offer great versatility in comparison to some of our other cabinets - the first thing to note is the number of shelves which allows you to have much easier access to your bottles whilst maintaining a high capacity still.


Reliability and Robustness

The initial impression you get from the Dunavox unit is how solid it is, it's very heavy and looks fantastic with the glass doors stretching most of the length of unit. 

We have been working with Dunavox for a long time now and the DX-194/DX-181 have been very popular units - we can safely say that it has been by far one of the most reliable units we supply and any aftersales issues are quickly resolved by Dunavox who offer an exemplary after sales service.


Shelving and Interior Features

The interior of the wine cabinet is lit by blue LED ceiling lighting which looks nice when the lights are off but certainly don't expect it to be lighting the whole cabinet up - once the bottles are inside, the lighting can only be seen on the top few shelves as the bottles completely block it. 

With the dual zone model, the lighting is slightly better as you have ceiling lighting in both temperature zones so is slightly more effective.


The shelving though is very solid and can accommodate various bottles quite easily. Usually a very limiting factor in a full shelved unit like this is the distance between the shelves - but in the Dunavox units, you get a 10.5cm space in between each shelf.

This is more than big enough for even some of the larger Champagne bottles so it is very versatile when it comes to the bottles it can store.

The shelves are telescopic and super easy to remove should you want to store some magnums or larger bottles.  To remove the shelf, you can simply unhook them very easily on the mechanism on the runners.


Control Panel and Bottle Capacity

The control panels on both the single and dual temperature zone units are simple to use - there isn't much to them to be honest, with just the option to turn the unit off and turn the light on.

You can change the set temperature and also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit and with the dual zone you can switch between the temperature zones as well.  This keeps it nice and simple and the control panels are nice a clean to look at.

The bottle capacity in both units is very high for a unit with full shelving, the single zone model is rated at 194 Bottles with a couple of shelves removed and the dual zone is 181 Bottles with all shelves mounted. 

It's worth noting that the capacity is always rated in Bordeaux bottles so anything larger will decrease the capacity and depending on the ratio of what you are storing, we could see the capacity drop to around the 150 bottle mark - this is the same for all wine cabinets though, its just something to consider before purchasing.


External Features and Finish

The exterior of the the dual and single zone model is the same - both have a very big black PVC lined carcass and both are available in either 'black' or 'stainless'. 

The black model features a full, frameless glass door that looks terrific as there are no joins whatsoever, this is coupled with a long matte black handle which adds a touch of class to the front of the unit. 

The stainless steel model has a seamless stainless steel glass door and a silver handle to match - its worth noting that the sides will still be black on the stainless steel model as well.


The overall finish of the cabinets is very smooth and seamless, creating a real statement whether you are using the cabinets as a feature inside your property or perfect storage in your garage.

Installing The Wine Cabinet

The tall Dunavox units are suitable for both freestanding and built in installations.  What do we mean by this?

Freestanding is just as it sounds, freestanding with plenty of ventilation around it in a dining room or kitchen next to a normal freestanding fridge/freezer.

Built in, by this we mean having cabinets built around the wine cabinet with little to no ventilation space - the unit will still be sitting on the floor but you can create a seamless finish with the cabinets neatly surrounding the wine cabinet.

The reason it can do this is because you may be able to see from the photos, the vent at the bottom of the cabinet hides a set of fans which draw in the cool air to keep the compressor cool - making the cabinet really versatile!

Professional Wine Storage

 The Dunavox units are designed with long term storage in mind. This is why they are equipped with a charcoal filter and fan assisted cooling  (which keeps are far more even temperature than direct cooling models).

They also feature UV treated glass doors and both heating and cooling functions so that it can raise the cabinet temperature when the ambient temperature does drop. 

The cabinet is also equipped with a lock so your wine is kept in a very safe environment.

EWR's review

The big Dunavox units are a trusty, reliable set of cabinets that can be used for both service and long term storage. 

Dunavox is one of the most favoured manufacturers of wine coolers. We have a wide range of Dunavox products across our site, all of which are available for our loyal customers to purchase. 

Dunavox is well-known and respected within the wine-cooling industry, designing and manufacturing excellent storage units with top-quality materials.

Dunavox has been developing wine coolers for over 15 years which has resulted in them becoming the brand of choice for collectors from all over the world. If you’d like to find out more about Dunavox, feel free to contact a member of our friendly team for more information.

Yes, it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles that some of the other manufacturers come with - but they are very robust and cost effective storage option for any collection.

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