Teca Vino - Built in Wine Wall TBV14 - For Restaurant Use



The Teca Vino range from Expo Europe - the new built in range brings high quality components together with a luxurious display.

  • Multi Temperature Zone Cabinet
  • White LED lighting
  • Display shelving for glasses and bottles
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions: Various options - see description

  • 🚛 Lead Time for UK mainland: Approx. 6 weeks

    🚚 Lead Time for R.O.I kerbside: Approx. 6 weeks

    Please note, all EXPO products are manufactured to order.

Teca Vino - Built in Wine Wall TBV14 - For Restaurant Use

Wine wall buying guide

 Teca Vino TBV14 - Commercial Wine Wall

The TBV10 is very similar to the TV-10 except this model is designed to be built into an alcove or cabinets to create a seamless finish.  The professional range is designed purely for commercial settings such as bars, hotels, restaurants and has a full aluminium structure which can be manufactured to have different styles of wood attached to the front to create a real feature piece.  The standard unit above is offered with a solid black wood frame however if you wish to change this - please contact us before ordering or use the configurator here.

The built in range is one of the newest additions by EXPO with a new and upgraded cooling system which enables the unit to be built in due to how quality components and an inbuilt ventilation system which helps cool the compressor.  

Interior and Exterior

With a double sliding glass door which are fully UV treated to ensure light does not damage your collection, the TBV-10 is an absolute show piece.  The interior is lit with white LED lighting and the interior of the cabinet is manufactured from aluminium which ensures a high quality design.  All wine walls should protect your wines as well as really show them off, the Built in Teca Vino range also has an automatic defrost system and automatic evaporation system to ensure the correct storage conditions are met - the doors are also lockable.

The shelves in the TBV-14 wine give a wide array of options for positioning bottles, glasses, decanters etc to create a real eye catching display.

TBV-14 options

TBV-H14: 60 Bottle capacity, white LED lighting, 42 dB operation, solid back wall with 2 sliding doors and lock - suitable for built in installation

Dimensions: Height: 1862mm  Width: 880mm  Depth: 358mm

Weight: 97kg

TBV-H14 specification


TBV-M14: 120 Bottle capacity, white LED lighting, 47 dB operation, solid back wall with 2 sliding doors and lock - suitable for built in installation

Dimensions: Height: 1901mm  Width: 880mm  Depth: 530mm

Weight: 107kg

TBV-M14 specification


TBV-14 Installation

There are certain installation requirements needed to install the built in models correctly, to ensure the units do not over heat it is advised the a gap of 30mm or more is left at the back of the unit - firstly to prevent any unwanted vibrations but also to allow warm air to escape above the wine wall.

The cool air enters the wine wall from the bottom so the gap between the floor and lower part of the wine wall should not be covered - the air flow should be free and unhindered like the image below.

Temperature Control
The Teca Vino wine walls are multi temperature zone units and have a multitude of temperature options depending on whether the fans are turned on or off and the temperature the cabinet is set to.

The temperature can be set using a digital control panel which also controls the lighting, fans and defrost cycle.

Example temperature operation, if set to 4°C:

Fans off - the wine wall will operate between 4°C at the bottom and 16°C at the top.

Fans on - the wine wall will operate between 4°C at the bottom and 10°C at the top.

TECA VINO temp range

The use of the fans creates a smaller temperature range as the cooler air can be distributed more evenly.  Please note these are examples only and the actual temperature range may differ depending on ambient temperatures.



- Automatic Defrost

- Heating function with heated rails

- Anti vibration system

- Inverter compressor

- Lock with key

- Ventilated cooling system - fan assisted

- Warranty: 1 year parts and labour UK mainland and NI

- ROI warranty: 1 year parts only 


Cabinet finish
The standard cabinet finish is aluminium with a black solid wood frame, this can be exchanged for other options including white, dune - gold, dune - pearl white, dune - black, dune - white.  To find out more, visit the configurator herePlease contact us to discuss these options - we will be more than happy to assist.



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