La Sommeliere - 77 Bottle Freestanding Ageing Cabinet CTV81

La Sommeliere

La Sommeliere is the sister company of Climadiff who is our wine cabinet specialist, currently No.1 in France.
  • Energy Efficiency: 'B'
  • Rated capacity: 77 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Colour: Black metal external body; Black PVC inner liner
  • 2 beech shelves
  • Temperature settings: 5 - 20°C
  • Dimensions: H855cm x W59.5cm x D67.5cm
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free Kerbside Delivery

  • 🚛 Lead Time for UK mainland orders only: 4 weeks

La Sommeliere - 77 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cabinet CTV81

Aging or conservation wine cabinets: La Sommeliere's ageing and conservation wine cabinets are a cut above the rest. Designed with long term storage in mind, these wine cabinets will maintain temperature and humidity without skipping a beat for years and years.  If your looking to mature or preserve the flavours a wine holds, these wine cabinets are some of the best on the market.

  • Elegant design: The black metal external body with 2 beech shelves providing a sleek and modern design to store your wine..
  • La Sommeliere exclusivity: 
    1. Activated charcoal to filter against bad odors finding their way through the cork.
    2. Anti-vibration system to absorb any kind of vibrations being passed onto the bottles.
  • Glazed Glass door: Thanks to their glass door, conservation wine cabinets allow you to connect all benefits needed for a good over time conservation of your finest bottles [constant temperature, anti-UV treated glass, excellent humidity, no vibration and clean air, etc) to an elegant design.
  • Temperature range: 5 – 20°C - Controlled by a electronic thermostat with an electronic display. A wide range of temeratures to store even the most fussy reds.
  • Even cooling: This unit’s powerful fans work together with the compressor to allow the cool air to circulate freely inside the cabinet – making sure that there are no hot spots.


    Additional features and benefits:
    • 1 (anti-UV treated) glass door
    • Black metal inner liner for efficient moisture regulation
    • Adjustable front feet (height 4cm)

    • Thermometer with electronic display
    • White LED lights with ON/OFF switch button
    • Winter System
    • 1 active charcoal filter

    • Rated capacity: 77 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
    • Annual energy consumption: 20kW/annum  Energy Rating - B

    (based on standard test results for 24 hours)
    - depends on how the appliance is used and where it is located

    • Climate Class: 'N'
    (used at an ambient temperature between 16°C - 32°C)
    • Noise level: 50.0dB

    • Dimensions: (Customers are advised to check measurements before purchasing)
    Height: 855mm
    Width: 595mm
    Depth: 675mm 
    • Weight: 50kg

    Package Dimensions:

    H.868 x W.630 x D.740 mm

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