Dunavox - 72 bottle Fully Integrated Dual Zone Wine Fridge DAVG-72.185DOP.TO


SKU: DAVG-72.185DOP.TO Dunavox

  • Energy Efficiency: 'G'
  • Rated capacity: 72 bottles - 20 Upper. 52 Lower (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation type: Integrated / In Column
  • Temperature settings: +5 °C to +20 °C
  • Dimensions: Height: 123.4cm, Width: 59cm, Depth: 54.5cm
Dunavox Warranty Terms

Dunavox - 72 bottle Integrated Dual Zone Wine Fridge DAVG-72.185DOP.TO - Fully Integrated wine cooler

Dunavox are a synonymous brand in the wine cooler industry, their products are now distributed throughout 45 countries around the world which stretches as far as America and Australia. For nearly 15 years, Dunavox have been developing their wine coolers with a clear focus on quality and reliability. Constructed from only the highest quality components, the integrated Push2Open line from Dunavox are some of the quietest wine coolers available on the market today.

Dunavox's Fully Integrated Wine Coolers

The long awaited 'Fully Integrated' line from Dunavox comes in a range of sizes, allowing you to attach you own kitchen cabinet door to the front of the wine cooler.  Whether you want o hide the wine cooler completely or match the rest of your kitchen, the Dunavox range allows you to do this.  With super simple installation, the fully integrated line attaches easily to your cabinet door via a set of screws that are hidden behind the door seal - a revolution in the wine cooler industry!

Kitchen - Integrated with Push2Open

The new DAVG-72.185DOP.TO is a new addition to Dunavox's kitchen line and is one of the first wine coolers to feature Push2Open technology. Simply push the top left corner and a mechanical arm will automatically open the door which can then closes itself after 7 seconds.

Designed to be installed in column, this model is designed for housing units with an aperture of 1230mm and is currently one of the only few units with this technology. Featuring blue, white or orange internal LED lighting, a white digital temperature display and a full glass tinted door which is reversible for installations side by side - the DAVG-72.185DOP.TO is the must-have appliance for any luxury kitchen and wine lover.

Europe's First 'Self-Ventilating' Wine Coolers

The DAVG-72.185DOP.TO is the first of its kind, usually an integrated wine cooler requires additional ventilation requirements however the new line from Dunavox now has its own in built ventilation system so it is as simple as sliding the wine cooler into a housing and leaving it to it cool your wines in peace.  

Wine Storage Compartment

With a capacity of 72 bottles, these bottles are supported on solid beech wood shelving which can also be removed for larger bottles if required. The DAVG-72.185DOP.TO is a dual temperature zone wine cooler with both zones programmable to between 5 and 20°C which means you can store and serve both reds and whites at their optimum temperatures whilst ensuring no UV damage due to the triple glazed treated glass door.

Noise Level and Energy Efficiency

Dunavox are widely known for their quiet wine coolers, the high quality components used such as the fans means the integrated units are highly reliable and have a low operating noise of 40dB. Once installed, these units won't be noticeable. Not only are they quiet, they are rated 'G' for energy efficiency and only using 146kWh/annum - and of course they look extremely stylish and luxurious.

Product Development

The new Push2Open line from Dunavox has put them at the forefront of the wine cooler industry in terms of product development and quality to match. With nearly a 50% market share in Italy, Spain and Holland - Dunavox are renowned throughout Europe for the quality of their wine coolers.

The Push2open line is no different, constantly evolving and bringing new ideas to the market - Dunavox support their wine coolers with a 3 year parts and labour warranty and 5 years on the compressor, providing one of the best aftersales services we have come across.

Dunavox DAVG-72.185DOP.TO Specification:

  • 885mm fully integrated wine cooler - attach your own cabinet door
  • 72 Bottle Capacity - 20 Upper, 52 Lower (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Dual temperature zone
  • Internal operating temperature: Upper 5-20°C Lower 5-20°C
  • Push2Open mechanism
  • Black tinted glass door with UV protection
  • Automatic humidity management: 55-85%
  • Reversible door
  • Sabbath mode (all lights off but unit keeps running)
  • Open door alarm
  • Malfunction and high temperature alarm
  • Multi: White, Orange or Blue LED lighting
  • Lighting on/off function
  • Digital temperature display (blue)
  • Adjustable feet for levelling
  • Designed for in column use (Please follow installation diagram below)
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty


Cooling system:

  • Fan assisted cooling system for even temperature distribution
  • Compressor driven which is mounted on vibration free mountings
  • Automatic defrost


Performance and Consumption:

  • Noise level: 40dB
  • G Energy Class: 146kW/annum
  • Climate Class: 'ST' (16-38°C)


Cabinet Dimensions:

  • Height: 1221mm
  • Width: 545mm
  • Depth: 559mm (including door)

Aperture Dimensions:

  • Height: >1223mm
  • Width: >555mm
  • Depth: >564mm

Weight: 63kg


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