Dunavox - 17 bottle 300mm Built in Wine Cooler DAUF-17.58DSS


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Dunavox, the wine cooling expert from Hungary - offering a wide variety of high quality wine cabinets from small to large at affordable prices.

  • Rated capacity: 17 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation type: Built in or freestanding
  • Temperature settings: 5-12°C, 12-22°C
  • Energy Efficiency: 'A'
  • Annual Energy cost: £21.40*
  • Dimensions: Height: 82cm, Width: 29.5cm, Depth: 56.4cm
  • 🚛 Lead Time for UK mainland orders only: 7-10 working days
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Dunavox DAUF-17.58DSS - 300mm Dual Zone - Built In Wine Cooler - 17 Bottle

Dunavox are a specialist wine cooler manufacturer that have been developing their wine coolers for over 15 years now which has earned them the title: 'The Wine Cooling Expert'. Based in Hungary, their wine coolers are now distributed throughout over 45 countries worldwide and have a very strong presence in Europe's kitchen market where they offer integrated, undercounter and tall built in wine coolers through a substantial network of kitchen retailers.

Kitchen - Undercounter

The DAUF-17.58DSS is a 30cm wide dual zone built in wine cooler and is part of the Kitchen Undercounter line from Dunavox, as the name suggests these models are designed to be situated under a counter top with kitchen cabinets built around the wine cooler. With blue internal LED lighting, digital temperature display with touch control and a full seamless stainless steel glass door with the DAU-17.58DSS creates a high-end, luxury finish to any kitchen.

Wine Storage Compartment

This model has a capacity of 17 Bordeaux bottles which are stored on treated beech wooden shelving which creates a smooth finish. The DAUF-17.58DSS has two individual temperature zones operating temperature of between 5 and 20°C allowing you to bring your wines to their optimum serving temperature whilst being protected from the full UV treated glass door.

High Quality Components

Dunavox are synonymous throughout Europe and are renowned for using only the highest quality components available on the market - which is why their wine coolers are some of the quietest units available on the market today. Dunavox know that poor quality components lead to noisy wine coolers, their products use the highest quality fans available to ensure there is no additional noise. Their ethos is to manufacture wine coolers that will last 10 to 15 years, with no expense spared when it comes to reliability. Dunavox offer a 3 year parts and labour warranty and 5 year on the compressor with all their Kitchen Line products which will help put your mind at rest.

Energy Efficiency and Noise Level

The DAUF-17.58DSS is a highly efficient 300mm dual zone wine cooler which is rated A for energy efficiency using 137 kWh/annum.  This undercounter wine cooler is also quiet with an operating noise of 39dB - perfect for luxury kitchens.

Dunavox DAUF-17.58DSS Specification:

- 30cm/300mm undercounter wine cooler

- 17 Bottle Capacity (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)

- Dual temperature zone

- Internal operating temperatures: 5-12°C, 12-20°C

- Noise level: 39.0dB

- Seamless stainless steel door frame with UV protection

- Automatic humidity management: 55-85%

- Reversible door with stainless steel handle

- Blue LED lighting

- Lighting on/off function

- Digital temperature display (blue) with touch control

- Adjustable feet for different counter top heights

- Designed for undercounter use (install a grille in the plinth)

- 3 year manufacturers warranty

  - Distance between the shelves is 8.5cm, space for larger bottles on the top and bottom shelf


Cooling system:

- Fan assisted cooling system for even temperature distribution

- Compressor driven which is mounted on vibration free mountings

- Internal heating element with winter protection

- Automatic defrost


Performance and Consumption:

- Noise level: 39dB

- A Energy Class: 137kW/annum

- Climate Class: 'ST' (16-38°C)



- Height: 825mm
- Width: 295mm
- Depth: 564mm

- Plinth depth: 110mm

Weight: 29kg


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