SKU: CM2 Coravin

The Coravin Model 2 wine system is the perfect addition to your wine collection, have you ever wanted to try a bottle of wine at different stages of the ageing process? Or does this bottle require it is kept in perfect conditions and only a glass to be served once in a blue moon.

The Coravin Model 2 will allow you to pour, serve and store your wines in the most effortless, luxurious way - all without removing the trusty cork.

- The Model 2 features the Coravin wine needle - which is designed to pierce the cork neatly and efficiently whilst pouring the wine as smoothly as possible.

- The carcass is manufactured from soft touch grip material which means it firmly holds the neck of the bottle to minimize any chance of leaking.

- Load cell technology - this creates a no fuss exchange of the cartridges, the casing provides the perfect amount of pressure to ensure no gas escapes.

- Premium cartridges - contain 99.99% pure argon gas to ensure the wine is not altered in any way during storage.

Coravin model 2 Wine SYSTEM