Climadiff - 205 Bottle Multipurpose Wine Cabinet PCLV205


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Climadiff is our wine cabinet specialist, currently No.1 in France.

  • Energy Efficiency: 'C'
  • Rated capacity: 204 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Temperature settings: 5°C - 20°C
  • Polyvalent Technology
  • Dimensions: H158.8cm x W60cm x D70cm
  • 2 Year Warranty

  • 🚛 Lead Time for UK mainland : Approx. 2-4 working days

    🚚 Lead Time for R.O.I kerbside: Approx. 10-14 working days

Climadiff - 205 Bottle Multipurpose Wine Cabinet PCLV205 Black

Climadiff have been manufacturing their wine cabinets since the 1990's and are synonymous in the world of wine storage. Most of their wine cabinets are dedicated to long term storage with capacities ranging from 116 bottles right up to 294 Bordeaux bottles for the larger models. Their cabinets are based un functionality and reliability, generally the cabinets aren't packed full of new technology and are there to serve as a storage cabinet only. Without all the fancy gadgets the Climadiff units are renowned for their reliability which makes these units ideal for long term storage as they keep ticking over for many years.

Freestanding Storage Wine Cabinet

The PCLV205 is a freestanding wine cabinet that is designed with long term storage and serving in mind, the fully UV treated glass door gives an additional element to consider over the solid door as well. You can be sure that your wines are in safe hands as the door is completely UV treated. There are 2 adjustable feet at the front for uneven ground and also two caster wheels to the rear which allow for easy manoeuvrability for when the cabinet needs to be moved.

A freestanding wine cabinet should have 5-10cm of ventilation space around the sides and rear to ensure there is enough cool air to cool the compressor.

Interior and Capacity

The PCLV205 has a high capacity of 204 Bordeaux bottles which is achieved by stacking the bottles on the 3 full wire shelves and 1 half wire shelf that can be positioned anywhere in the cabinet to maximise the storage potential. A charcoal filter and vibration free system means your wines will be stored in an odourless, vibration free environment which is perfect when it comes to long term storage. The interior is manufactured from black sheet metal which helps with moisture regulation inside the cabinet and therefore humidity control.

Polyvalent technology

The PCLV range from Climadiff has the ability to act as a storage cabinet and a serving cabinet. By turning the internal fans off, you can create multiple temperature zones inside the cabinet with the coolest zone being at the bottom and the warmest zone at the top. The wine cabinet can also be used as a single temperature zone model as well which makes it ideal for long term storage as well.

Climadiff PCLv / PCLP temperature distribution

Efficiency and Winter System

The PCLV range is quiet freestanding unit with an operating noise of only 44dB and are quiet energy efficient with an energy rating of C. The PCLV range also comes equipped with the winter system that is required by so many wine enthusiasts to ensure the correct storage conditions when the cabinet is located in an insulated garage or out building.

The winter system has a much thicker layer of insulation and an internal heating element which is used to raise the internal temperature if the ambient temperatures drop to lower temperatures. The winter system gives your wines security for ambient tempeartures between 0 and 32°C and will ensure the set temperature is maintained to within +/-2°C - the PCLV250 is an ideal multifunctional wine cabinet.


Climadiff PCLV205 Product Specification

- Max Bottle Capacity: 204 Bordeaux Bottles

- Energy Efficiency Class: C

- Energy Consumption kWh/annum: 273

- Noise Output: 44dB

- Climate Rating: T (+16 to +43°C)

- Voltage: 220-240V

- 2 year parts and labour warranty with all Climadiff Wine Cabinets

- Manufactured in Europe

- Ambient temperature use: 0 - 32°C



- 1 Electronic temperature display (White)


General Features:

- Black exterior with black interior

- Black control panel

- UV protected glass door

- 2 Adjustable feet, 2 caster wheels

- Compressor cooled: static cooling or fan assisted

- Automatic defrost

- 100% UV light protection

- Charcoal filter

- Vibration free compressor

- Winter system


Interior Features:

- 1 temperature zone: Operating between 5-20°C

- Multi Temperature zone function

- Electromechanical Regulation

- Humidity management between 55-85% (Automatic)

- 3 fixed wire shelves

- 1 half wire shelf


- Height: 158.8cm

- Width: 59.5cm

- Depth: 70cm


Weight: 76kg


Product Files:


**Product supplied with EU plug and adapter



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