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Large Wine Cabinets

The best investment wine collectors and restaurateurs can ever make is investing in a large capacity wine refrigerator, which can hold 200 bottles or more. These wine cabinets organise bottles in the most space efficient way and require very little maintenance, whilst storing your wine at whichever temperature that suit your storage needs.

Choosing your wine cabinet
1. What is it for? 
Ageing (long term storage)
Single temperature (Since all wines cellar at the same temperature (12-14˚C), a single-zone wine cabinet is ideal for storing and cellaring. -
Alternatively, the bottom compartment of a dual zone can be set at 12-14˚C for cellaring.)

Service (cooling)
a single-zone cabinet can be used to keep white wines at drinking temperature of (6-8˚C) or red wines at (16-18˚C)
Dual temperature (A Dual-Zone wine cabinet is ideal for keeping both reds and whites at perfect drinking temperatures. Set the top compartment at 6-8˚C for whites and champagne, and the bottom at 16-18˚C for reds.

Multipurpose (benefits of an ageing and service cabinet)
Multi (versatile Multi-Temp technology is designed for serving different styles/varietals at their perfect individual drinking temperatures. For instance, setting the bottom at 6˚C and top at 18˚C generates a temperate perfect for both white and red wine.)
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2. Features

LED, Lock, Energy Class, Winter system, Solid/glass door



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