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Integrated Wine Coolers

Integrated Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler shown: Dunavox DAB-42.117DSS

Integrated wine coolers are designed to fit into any available space within two cupboards, see image below.

Perfect for interior designers and people who are looking for the seamless look within a kitchen, dining room or bar.  More recently this type of wine cooler are being used in mini bars and entertainment rooms because of their versatility and ability to be installed in lots of peculiar places.

Our Integrated wine cooler specialist is Dunavox, with Europe's largest collect of wine coolers they have managed to cater for almost every available cabinet space. Dunavox are a leading supplier of wine coolers across Europe and are dedicated to wine storage. Most of their products are also available in white as opposed to just stainless steel and black, please contact us directly if you wish to enquire about this.

Integrated wine coolers have to be installed correctly, according to the manufacturers instructions as the fan is located to the rear of the unit so a channel of cool air needs to be incorporated into the design or existing layout.

If you have any question regarding fully integrated wine coolers or require installation diagrams for any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.



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