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Home Kitchen Wine Coolers Integrated Wine Coolers
Home Kitchen Wine Coolers Integrated Wine Coolers

Integrated wine coolers are designed to fit into any available space within two cupboards, see image below.

Integrated wine cooler
Dunavox DAB-36.80DSS

Perfect for interior designers and people who are looking for the seamless look within a kitchen, dining room or bar.  More recently this type of wine cooler are being used in mini bars and entertainment rooms because of their versatility and ability to be installed in lots of peculiar places.

Our Integrated wine cooler specialist is Dunavox, with Europe's largest collection of wine coolers they have managed to cater for almost every available cabinet space. Dunavox are a leading supplier of wine coolers across Europe and are dedicated to wine storage. Most of their products are also available in white as opposed to just stainless steel and black, please contact us directly if you wish to enquire about this.

Integrated wine coolers have to be installed correctly, according to the manufacturer's instructions as the fan is located to the rear of the unit so a channel of cool air needs to be incorporated into the design or existing layout. Click here for more information.

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Wine cooler for integrated use:


Integrated wine coolers are a superb way to add storage space in any kitchen whilst creating a very high-end look.  This type of wine cooler is not designed to sit on the floor, but will slide in neatly in between kitchen cabinets usually next to integrated microwaves, ovens and coffee machines.  They look great and are a real focal point of any kitchen as most will feature seamless stainless-steel glass doors or a full tinted glass door and interior lighting, integrated wine coolers also serve a purpose in that they will store wines properly and ensure that the correct temperature, humidity and air quality are controlled even in an integrated appliance.

Our range of luxury integrated wine coolers are quiet, reliable and manufactured to the highest quality.  You will find premium integrated wine coolers from specialist wine cooler companies such as Dunavox, Liebherr and Miele who provide integrated wine coolers of standard sizes such as: 455mm, 595mm, 885mm, 1234mm and 1788mm in height.  The reason we stock these products is because we are confident in the quality of these wine coolers, there are lots of other wine cooler brands available on the market but from our experience these units are noisy, unreliable and not supported by good aftersales service, which is why we have hand picked our wine cooler suppliers.

Why do I need an integrated wine cooler?

An integrated wine cooler will free up space in your fridge whilst adding another element to your kitchen.  The shelves can be easily removed to cater for other drinks and beverages if its not just wine you would like to store in this.

Kitchen designs look great with integrated appliances, so if you are considering purchasing a new wine cooler as part of a kitchen then an integrated wine cooler will offer up a different style to the standard undercounter wine cooler, they are a little quieter than undercounter units as well.  When picking your appliances, they can all be matching in colour throughout the whole kitchen which creates a seamless and high-end look, our manufacturers such as Miele and Dunavox have units featuring Push2Open technology so if you are interested in handleless kitchens, your appliances will match undoubtedly.


Installation of an integrated wine cooler

Integrated wine coolers require professional installation as they ventilate differently unlike a built in wine cooler.  To ensure this type of wine cooler has enough ventilation, there must be a vent or small duct incorporated into the plinth to allow cool air to enter the cabinets behind the wine cooler.  There must also be enough ventilation space at the rear of the wine cooler to allow for a clear passage way for cool air to enter and warm air to escape. Lastly, a duct or cut out of around 3-4cm in depth of space must be available at the top of the kitchen cabinet, again, to allow for the warm air to escape.

If an integrated wine cooler is not installed in this way, it will allow warm air to congregate at the back of the wine cooler which will gradually increase the ambient temperature.  There are many different integrated wine cooler available today, the lower end brands will be far more susceptible to changes in ambient temperature and in most cases if the increased temperature is sustained the components inside the wine cooler will not be able to tolerate it and will simply burn out.  Therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise you may void the warranty and restrict the wine coolers cooling performance.

What integrated wine cooler to do we stock?

Elite Wine Refrigeration has the largest range of integrated wine coolers in the UK, we also only stock the brands that we are confident in.  The brands we carry are wine cooler specialist companies and brands that have an extensive knowledge and history of high-quality appliances, such as Miele and Liebherr. 

Why do we only stock high quality brands?

We have a vast experience of working with wine coolers, over the years we have learnt it is best to only work with high quality brands who can offer good quality products and an aftersales service to support this.  You will often find cheaper products on the market which are appealing, but the products are constructed from low quality components and generally the aftersales service is sub contracted to other companies.  Our philosophy is to pay a little more to receive a much better quality package.

If you have any question regarding fully integrated wine coolers or require installation diagrams for any of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.