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The Coravin systems feature patented technology which makes pouring wine by the glass a reality, which makes it perfect for bars, restaurants and domestic users who don't want to fully open one of their favourite, most expensive vintages.

Please get in touch to discuss with Coravin dispensing system will best suit your needs.

How do the Coravin systems work:

1) The Coravin system will clamp around the neck of the bottle, a small needle will penetrate the cork and into the wine.

2) The bottle of wine is the pressurised with Argon which is released from the cylinder.  Argon is an inert gas and effectively fills any space that oxygen may take if the bottle was opened in a normal way.  As the wine flows through the needle and into the glass, the Argon constantly replaces the space usually taken up with wine.

3) As the needle is removed, the cork reseals naturally - which therefore prevents any oxygen entering the wine bottle.  The same bottle of wine can be enjoyed weeks or months apart.