Avintage - 178 Bottle Freestanding Tall Wine Cabinet DVP180G


Avintage, the premium company from the FRIO group, which includes: La Sommeliere and Climadiff.
  • Energy Efficiency: 'B'
  • Rated capacity: 178 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation type: Freestanding
  • Colour: Black metal external body; Black PVC inner liner
  • 3 fixed wooden shelves
  • Multi Zone Temperature settings: 6 - 18°C
  • Dimensions: H145cm x W67cm x D71cm
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Avintage 178 Bottle Freestanding Polyvalent Wine Cabinet DVP180G Black

Aging or Service wine cabinets: Avintage ageing and conservation wine cabinets are exclusively designed for long-term storage of your finest bottles and provide the best conditions for your wine to reach full maturity.

Elegant design: Avintage DIVA Evolution range. The black metal external body with 3 fixed premium shelves holds a large number of wine bottles and provides a timeless design to showcase your treasured collection and secure with a lock.

  • Avintage exclusivity: 
    1. The winter system adapts to follow the ambient climatic conditions from 0 to 32°C - providing a completely stable temperature.
    2. Activated charcoal to filter against bad odours finding their way through the cork.
    3. Anti-vibration system to absorb any kind of vibrations being passed onto the bottles
  • Energy optimisation: "B" Class energy performance, saves you more energy at a higher level of efficiency.
  • Black-coloured tinted glass door: Providing darkness for conservation wine cabinets allow you to connect all benefits needed for a good over time conservation of your finest bottles [constant temperature, anti-UV treated glass, excellent humidity, no vibration and clean air, etc) to an elegant design.
  • Polyvalent technology: With three temperature settings, or the option to use the unit as a single temperature zone unit.  Polyvalent technology allows for three separate temperature zones by turning the internal fans off and allowing warmer air to rise.
  • Adjustable temperature range of use: 6°-10°-14°or 7°-11°-15°or 8°-12°-16°or 9°-13°17°or  10°-14°-18°C
  • Even cooling: This unit’s powerful fans work together with the compressor to allow the cool air to circulate freely inside the cabinet – making sure that there are no hot spots. 

    Additional features and benefits:

    • Lock
    • Black metal inner liner for efficient moisture regulation
    • 2 adjustable feet (height 4cm)
    • 2 wheels

    • Thermometer with electronic display
    • White LED lights with ON/OFF switch button

    • Rated capacity: 178 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
    • Annual energy consumption: 215.0kW/annum (based on standard test results for 24 hours)

    - depends on how the appliance is used and where it is located
    • Climate Class: 'SN'
    (Recommended ambient temperature between 16°C - 32°C)
    • Noise level: 38.0dB

    • Dimensions:
    Height: 145cm
    Width: 62cm
    Depth: 71cm 
    • Weight: 69kg

    Product Specification

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