6 - 25 Bottle Wine Coolers

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Home 6 - 25 Bottle Wine Coolers
Home 6 - 25 Bottle Wine Coolers

Slimline wine fridges from DunavoxClimadiff and Miele.  Executed in brushed steel with a capacity of 7 bottles and temperature range of 2-20°C. Allowing even the smallest of kitchens to accommodate a wine refrigerator.

Accommodating 18-19 bottles occupying minimal space and fully built in.  Guaranteed to provide a high end look to your kitchen or preferred location whilst producing minimal noise. 

For homes where integration into existing units may not be applicable, Climadiff and Dunavox have designed a collection of high quality free standing wine coolers.  Designed to sit on top of any surface or table top they are perfect for a home with no available cupboard space. With the option of a dual zone wine fridge or a single zone wine fridge, Climadiff have tried to cater for every customer.

If you cannot find your perfect wine cooler, please contact us directly.