Different Types of Wines and Where to Find Them

Are you planning a wine vacation and confused on the actual place to visit to get some best wines to enjoy your vacation?

Perhaps you want to know more about the best wines so you could quickly get one the next time you get to the store to pick the perfect bottle. This article will serve as a guide for you.

Different countries of the world have their unique wines; you may rarely know them all. Categorically they are old world wines and new world wines.

The old world is Europe while the new world could be everywhere else. Wines in old world countries are mostly named after specific locations while in new world countries wines are named according to the grapes they are made from.

So, they are many of these wines in different countries of the world. For your needs, the following paragraphs will highlight some major countries and the best wines available.

Let’s begin!


French Wine

Regarding the volume of wines production, France is rated one of the top countries. France has some of the top wines around the world. The top wines regions are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Alsace, Rhone Valle, Champagne, and Languedoc-Roussillon. Are these names familiar with some wines you know? Those are the old world wines and named according to their location.

Specifically, some of the best wines in France are:

  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy
  • Champagne
  • Rhone


Italian Wine

Italy is another leading country in wine production. They have about twenty wines regions producing some of the best wines in the world. Here are some of the wines you can find in Italy:

  • Barbera
  • Barbaresco
  • Barolo
  • Chianti


Spanish Wine

Spain is another top country when it comes to wine production. It is known for its large volume of grape production, and so are wines produced. Some of the best wines you can find in Spain are:

  • Ribera del Duero
  • Sherry
  • Rioja
  • Priorat


German Wine

Germany is another country that's known for its quality wine production - it's one of the most northerly wine procuring regions of the world. With a vast production of grapes, Germany boasts of some of the best wines across the globe. Some of the best wines you can find in Germany include:

  • Saar
  • Mosel
  • Pfalz
  • Ruwer
  • Rheingau


Portuguese Wine

As you probably know, Portugal has a vibrant history and its history is not unconnected with its wines. You might have heard of the famous wine in Portugal - Port wine. A wine vacation to Portugal will no doubt be a pleasant experience.

Portugal has for a long time been a leading country in wines production and exports. Below are some of the wines in Portugal:

  • Douro
  • Port wine
  • Madeira
  • Dao

These are some of the countries with the best wines you would want to have for a wine vacation; the list is not exhausted though. If you’re planning to go on a wine vacation, you already know the countries and the wines you can go for, and if you’d get confused on which is the best wine, the list is up there for you.

When you next visit a wine store you could quickly request for any of the best wines mentioned here. And don’t forget, in order that you enjoy your wine, you should preserve it to be at the appropriate temperature; a built in wine cooler will help you get your wines to the right temperature.

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