An Introduction To Artevino Wine Fridges

Here at Elite Wine Refrigeration, we’re always on the lookout for those who share our passion for great wine fridges and produce exceptional products.

That’s why today, we’re excited to tell you all about Artevino wine fridges.

Artevino is one of the most impressive wine storage and refrigeration manufacturers on the market.

Prioritising elegant, modern, high level products, it’s easy to see why Artevino has gained such a prestigious reputation.

In this article, we’re going to give you an introduction to Artevino wine fridges and take a detailed look at some of the amazing features these products have.


All About Artevino

Artevino is a brand that specialises in wine cabinets of various styles.

With over 20 years of experience in creating the best conditions for any type of wine imaginable, it is a company that has earned its reputation ten times over.

The Artevino brand belongs to the EuroCave Group, which is the world's leading company in the field of wine storing and serving.

The key goal at the heart of Artevino is producing the best possible conditions for wine storage in order to maximise the taste potential of each individual wine.

All of the wine cabinets available through Artevino have a distinctly modern and elegant design style that fits into almost any setting.

If you’re looking to add a little bit of style to your kitchen, then look no further.

Alongside this, all of the wine fridges available from Artevino are made in their factory at Fourmies in France.

This, and many other factors, shows that Artevino values authenticity and the importance of creating the best possible wine storage experience for their customers.


Artevino’s Wine Fridge Range

There are several different ranges of wine cabinets available at Artevino that fulfil various purposes and preferences.

So, let’s take a look at these ranges and how they could benefit you and satisfy your needs.


Oxygen Range

The Artevino Oxygen Range is designed with perfect wine maturation in mind.

These wine fridges prioritise creating a protective environment for wine in order to ensure the best possible results.

The Oxygen Range features some of Artevino’s largest wine fridges, meaning you can store a large collection in them.

However, the Oxygen Range also features some smaller options that can fit neatly into almost any area.

The three size ranges available within the Oxygen Range go from small to large and allow you to choose the perfect option for your wine storing needs.

Whether you’re seeking breathing room, or a compact and regimented wine collection, the Oxygen Range covers all the bases.

From 98 to 230 bottles, the possibilities are wide open. The Oxygen Range also features Artevino’s wonderful universal shelves.

Made from beech wood, the Artevino universal shelves are highly adaptable and can fit any bottle size you could possibly want.

They are also able to switch from storage to sliding or display modes, and this is particularly easy to do.

So whatever mood you’re in, universal shelves can accommodate for.

The Artevino Oxygen Range has several features that give the customer complete peace of mind.

They are strong, stable and sturdy, as they are made from some of the finest materials available.

They have locks, automatic cold temperature function, and temperature fault visual alarm.

All of which means you can stay on top of any issues with your wine and rest easy knowing that the Oxygen Range is keeping everything in order.

Lastly, the Oxygen Range has a very low level of sound output at just 37dB.

Loud wine fridges are a real issue in some households, so this is definitely a plus for the Oxygen Range.

Check out the wine variety of wine fridges available in the Oxygen Range and there will most likely be a fridge for your requirements.


The Cosy Range

The Cosy Range is designed with interior fitting in mind. Perfect for any kitchen or living room setting, the Cosy Range has many innovative features.

It features single temperature and multi temperature wine fridges, so if you have a variety of wine styles then you can store them together and save yourself the trouble of getting two separate wine fridges.

You can also opt for freestanding or fitted wine fridges with the Cozy Range.

This is a useful feature that is made better by the fact that Cozy Range wine fridges can feature up to 52 bottles.

Because of these factors, it is fair to say that the compact and ergonomic design at play is a huge benefit for those who would like to store their wines comfortably in a domestic setting.

The Cosy Range is quite simply an elegantly designed range of wine fridges.

With stainless steel handles and LED lighting, they’re likely to please wine lovers from every walk of life.


Wine Art Range

The Wine Art Range is all-out stylish and straight to the point.

Although it couldn’t be considered a wine cabinet, you can place up to two bottles of wine in the Wine Art wine bar and bring them to the perfect temperature.

You can also place previously opened bottles in this product and preserve the wine within for longer.

These are great for quick, easy wine preparation, and can undoubtedly increase the level of enjoyment you are able to get from your wines at short notice.

The Wine Art Range is more of a complement to the other ranges available but is an extremely useful and impressive piece of equipment that anyone would benefit from having in their kitchen.


Final Thoughts

As was mentioned previously, Artevino take the art of wine storage very seriously and are an excellent company for doing so.

They have some of the best products available on the market today, and a wonderful amount of wine storing possibilities are present within their various ranges.

If you’re interested in the wine fridges available at Artevino, don’t hesitate to check out what they have in stock at the moment.

However, we greatly appreciate the fact that people like to keep their options open when it comes to considering an array of brands to purchase from. Climadiff is a good alternative to Artevino storage cabinets, offering similar key features and benefits.

Perfect for wine bottle collections, Climadiff has a variety of products that we’re fortunate enough to stock on our site.

 Known as one of the leading brands in the world of wine storage, Climadiff uses some of the finest materials to manufacture its designs. To find out more about either Artevino or Climadiff, feel free to reach out to a member of our friendly team for additional information.

Thanks for reading, we hope this guide has helped you to familiarise with the fantastic brand Artevino and their wine fridges!

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